It is actually very easy to open an IC Markets account. The key is to make sure all the documents are available. For further guidance, here's the full tutorial that you can follow.

Both new traders and professionals must be familiar with IC Markets. This broker has been a household name for many years and for good reasons. It is mostly known as an Australian brokerage offering CFD trading services and raw spread accounts. If you are worried about their reliability, fear not, because this broker is under ASIC regulations. On top of that, this broker gives you more options when it comes to different trading account conditions.

In order to enjoy all the features IC Markets provide, you should open an IC Markets account. Luckily, the process is very simple.

open ic markets account


1. Go to IC Markets Website

The first step to open an IC Markets account is to head over to their official website. Once you head there, you will see two buttons. If you want to open a new account, click on the top button. The one that says 'Start Trading'. This will redirect you to a new account creation page.


2. Fill in Your Personal Information

In the next step, you will see a form to fill such as the one below. Don't worry, this is a pretty basic step of any brokerage. You only need to write down your full name, country, email, and phone number. Make sure that the phone number and email are valid because they will be used later for verifications.

personal information


3. Complete the Profile

Next, you need to fill out some more forms regarding your profile. This step is to configure your trading account, especially currency, leverage, and other basic parameters. This is very important as it will set your preferred trading account conditions. You will also need to answer some simple questions regarding your trading behavior and knowledge.

complete profile


4. Choose Trading Platforms

IC Markets comes with 3 trading platform options: cTrader, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5. In this step, you must figure out which one to choose before moving on to the next step. Remember that each trading platform has different conditions. Simply choose the one that you are comfortable with, then pick the account type, base currency, as well as leverage.

choose trading platform


5. Upload the Required Documents

One one the most important steps you can't miss when opening an IC Markets account is to upload related documents. This step is not as complicated as it sounds as everything can be done from your online device. The key is to prepare all the documents beforehand. The documents you need are the following:

  • 1 x ID document such as a passport or driver's license
  • 1 x residence document. This can be a bank statement, utility bill, or another document that proves your address. It must be within 90 days old.

You can upload the required documents via the upload button as shown in the picture below. Make sure your documents are clear in order to avoid any problems.

upload documents


6. Wait for Verification

Once the documents are uploaded, your trading account is almost complete. Now, you only need to activate the trading accounts. It usually takes a while before the documents are confirmed by the team.

In the meantime, you can fund your IC Markets accounts while waiting for approval. There are different ways to fund your trading account including PayPal, credit/debit card, bank wire, and many more. Once your verification is complete, you can begin trading with your IC Markets live account with no limited access.



Bottom Line

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider opening an IC Markets account. First, IC Markets offers low latency executions in a true ECN environment. They also come with different kinds of trading accounts suitable for various types of traders. For example, their standard account is good if you are looking for discretionary trading. Meanwhile, their MetaTrader raw spread accounts are great if you want to use Expert Advisors and scalping. On top of that, IC Markets has a super simple account creation process. The steps above prove just how easy it is to open an account in IC Markets.


IC Markets is a raw spread brokerage that puts all clients' funds in segregated trust accounts supported by well-known Australian banks such as Westpac and NAB. On top of that, IC Markets offers various trading instruments like Forex, Indices, Bonds, Crypto, and many more.