CandyDrop is a dedicated platform that shares details of newly-listed or known tokens to Huobi's users. Here's a guide to get free coins from this platform.

It's been a good decade for crypto hodlers. Yes, it has its ups and downs; some gains huge while some others lost a chunk. But innovations that cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology offer have been proven effective to educate the public about the importance of a decentralized economy, personal identity and private data protection, as well as the future of global connectivity. Interesting new projects come out almost every month, along with new tokens and blockchain innovations. All for the goal of financial freedom, censorship-free communication, and better digital advancement for everyone using Web3.

Thanks to these advancements in cryptocurrencies, owning tokens and trading them is as easy as depositing into your bank account, except only all is done in a decentralized environment, free of government surveillance. Moreover, owning tokens allows many people to have their say in a voting protocol that governs the development of many important crypto projects.

However, one of the few problems that people face when deciding to enter the crypto market is that they don't know which projects or tokens are really good and profitable in the long term. Some projects offer only vague clues related to their mission and technology, so many people may end up losing their money for buying into the wrong projects.

To help bridge the gap, Huobi Global actively screens the market in development phases to find interesting and trustworthy new projects, and then adds their tokens to their exchange. This helps crypto projects and their native tokens gain new visibility and better access to trader communities. On the other hand, this will also help Huobi exchange maintain liquidity while gaining new hodlers in a more liquid and reliable market.

To do this, Huobi Global launched a dedicated platform called CandyDrop.


What is CandyDrop?

CandyDrop is a platform that shares details of newly-listed or known tokens with the Huobi Global community. The goal, of course, is to show quantities, values, as well as latest prices of said tokens so traders and investors can get a better view of their plans, missions, and prospects.

Even better, all Huobi Global account holders can participate in listing events and get an equal chance of winning various tokens. This gives added value to the community-based tokens and boosts their chances of winning bigger markets. It's a win-win where the ecosystem can run smoothly while developers can focus on delivering better services.

Huobi CandyDrop

In this new platform, Huobi Global positions itself as a middleman that connects crypto users and reliable new projects that have a better chance to reward them financially. For project owners, the benefits include a long-term prospect of growing a sustainable community since users who win the lottery tokens will likely become long-term users and may give valuable inputs throughout the project's development. The most important of all, though, is that the crypto community has a better outlook on how to grow a great community from the grassroots level.

Just take a look at the CandyDrop main page. There you can see some newly-listed tokens, their exact number to be shared, and how many users can win the lottery and collect these tokens. It is clear, concise, and easy to understand even for first-time users. The list may be updated daily according to the new releases and the validations on the blockchain. As per the numbers shown here, they are updated in real-time so users can plan their moves carefully or opt-in to make use of the available user guide.

Anybody can register an account and join the lottery. Once registered as one of the lucky winners, users would have gotten free tokens as promised, and they can use them for whatever they wish: trading, selling them, or keeping them longer for staking. Interesting, right?


How the Winners Are Picked?

Simple. The system is automatically randomized—just like a lucky draw in which each participant has an equal chance to win. There are no pre-picked winners or any form of collusion. In most cases, the system automatically verifies the registered users and picks a number of them as winners (there's no absolute number to refer to but 5,000 winners is a common number). After that, the winners are then announced on Huobi and the tokens are sent to their wallets.

However, it is important to note that before users can place their names in the hat, they must first engage in spot trading involving at least 100 USDT within three days during the listing of tokens. Once they complete this requirement, they can "JOIN" on the CandyDrop menu on the Huobi Mobile app. To multiply the chance of winning, one can get a second ticket by trading an additional 300 USDT.


How to Join CandyDrop

To guide you with a walkthrough, here's how to join the CandyDrop program by Huobi Global:

On the Huobi Global main page, choose the "CandyDrop" icon (should be easily noticed since it's highlighted on the main menu).

Huobi Candy Drop - Guide 1

2. Inside the CandyDrop menu, you can see all the token listings in which you can participate. You can join one of them by simply tapping the box next to the project. You can also participate in more than one token listing. Let's see the example below using VOXEL.

Huobi Candy Drop  - Guide 2

3. After joining, the screen below will appear. Tap join again, then note that you must first trade a certain volume of USDT (Tether) daily before you actively join the lottery. All calculations are reflected in Vol/day field. You can check your progress every time and read about the related project under the "JOIN" button.

Huobi Candy Drop - Guide 3


Easy, right?

With this new platform, Huobi Global shows its support to all types of traders and new investors who have built new interest in cryptocurrency. And since the crypto world is for everyone, Huobi also pushes for more inclusivity by bridging the gap between ongoing projects and new crypto hodlers.