Forex4you offers a free access to AutoChartist for all verified clients. Read this tutorial to find out everything about it.

How to Get Autochartist in Forex4you

Forex4you is one of the leading brokerage firms in the market. Started off in 2007, the company's mission is to provide the best trading service in terms of "low investment requirements and quality" for retail traders.

One of the notable benefits that you can get from Forex4you is free access to Autochartist. This incredible tool is able to offer reliable trading signals as well as other useful features that can help you improve your trade results significantly.

Normally, brokers would require traders to do certain tasks in exchange for premium trading tools or services, like making deposits or fulfilling certain trading milestones. However, this is not the case here.

Quite the contrary, getting access to Autochartist on Forex4you is actually really easy and requires no money. All you need to do is sign up with the broker, create a verified account, and download the Autochartist plugin for your MT4 trading platform. There is no need to pay any monthly fee or fulfill trading requirements to get full-time access. Here's the complete tutorial.


How to Get Autochartist on Forex4you

Forex4you offers access to Autochartist tools completely free of charge for all verified clients. The idea is to give clients the opportunity to improve their trades with powerful trading signals.

In Forex4you, Autochartist is available on both the desktop and the mobile version of MetaTrader 4 as an additional indicator. You can easily install the Autochartist plugin from your Trader's Room after you completed the registration and verification process. In order to do so, here are the steps that you should follow:

1. Visit Forex4you's official website and click "Open Account" to create a new live trading account.

Step 1

2. Enter your personal information such as full name, email address, mobile number, country of residence, etc. You can also enter a referral code if you have one. Once you're done, click "Confirm & Continue".

3. Check your email inbox to verify your email address. If you can't find the verification email, check the "Spam" box.

4. You can now log in using your account credentials (phone number or email address and password) and enter your Trader's Room.


5. The next step is to verify your account. Normally, you'll get a pop-up reminder on the top of the screen, but if you don't see one, you simply need to click on your profile name and select "Verification". You will be asked to upload a copy of several required documents.

6. Wait for the broker's approval. Keep in mind that this process can take some time depending on the broker. You will be informed once the process is completed or you can check the status on your profile.

7. Once your Forex4you account is fully verified, open your Trader's Room and go to the Analytics section by clicking the "Trading Signals" button on the sub-menu.

Trader's Room

8. Click on the tab "Free Autochartist MT4 Plugin" and apply it to your MT4 trading platform.

Autochartist Plugin

In short, all you need to do is create a live account and complete the verification process. Then you can install the Autochartist plugin on your MT4 platform and access all the features for free.

To further ensure its reliability and clients' satisfaction, the Autochartist software is constantly updated so that it's able to provide the most up-to-date information on the market.

If you have any questions or issues, the company offers an excellent customer support service that can be reached through phone or email 24 hours a day, so you can get fast assistance whenever you need it.

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Providing services since 2007, Forex4you is mostly out of the spotlight even though their trading conditions can be regarded as one of the most flexible among other forex brokerages. Setting headquarters in the British Virgin Islands, this broker is currently under the regulation of local financial regulatory called the BVI Financial Services Commission (BVIFSC).

After opening an account with Forex4you, traders can choose leverage as high as 1:1000, thanks to the relatively loose policy from BVIFSC.  Forex4you divide their account types by execution. Between the 4 accounts available, two adopt instant execution (Cent & Classic) while the remaining two call for market execution (Cent NDD & Pro STP). For traders choosing accounts with instant execution, there will be no trading commissions charged, but the spread is a bit high as it settles on 2 pips range (at the minimum). On the other hand, account types with market execution can give a floating spread from 0.1 pip despite charging a commission starting from $8 per lot.

Forex4you provides no Swap-Free feature, so this broker is not Sharia-compliant. Still, it is quite interesting to note that this broker provides an alternative on platform trading, so traders can try to trade on another platform with a new interface should they feel restricted by MetaTrader4 limits. The said platform is uniquely Forex4you's trading technology, which is available on WebTrader and Mobile App.

Forex4you also highlights their own Social Trading platform hailed as Share4you, which allows all traders to play as either Leaders or Followers. Both sides have mutual advantages, as Leaders are granted additional fees from their Followers while the Followers can copy trades which makes their transactions a lot easier and reliable as the signals come from more experienced traders.

Beyond their innovations on trading platforms as well as Social Trading facilities, Forex4you is quite transparent on their forex pairs' liquidity providers. However, they don't have a certain page dedicated to their Contract Specifications for other class assets.

Payment methods in Forex4you are quite limited, only available in Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, and Credit Cards (Visa and Master Cards). This broker claims to have more than a million accounts all over the world, so it is believed that Forex4you is one of those forex brokers who perform steadily even if their popularity doesn't soar extremely high because of intense marketing schemes.

What makes trading in Forex4you stands out from is the remaining Cent Account which allows traders to trade with a contract size as low as 1000 units per lot. The ultra-small trading volume has been infamous for traders who want to trade in a real account with very minimal risk. However, the numbers of broker offering Cent features are gradually lessening as retail traders seem to keen on taking more risks. Yet, Forex4you maintains their Cent Account offering, not only in one type but in two types of execution so beginners can make their own choice on spread over commission or otherwise.

All in all, Forex4you is one of the preferred choices for a forex broker if you look for flexibility in trading conditions and an advanced platform in Social Trading. Also, the remaining Cent Account offers an interesting option even for experienced traders who look for spare accounts to try out new strategies. Nevertheless, it is not highly recommended for trading with big money as the company is registered in an offshore jurisdiction. Forex4you also tends to fly under the radar as the broker rarely generates buzz in the brokerage industry.


Free Autochartist Benefits on Forex4you

Autochartist Limited (Ltd.) is a company that provides technological solutions for traders based on financial data. The tool basically provides trading signals and is able to detect at least 1000 actionable trading opportunities per month in real time. Aside from that, it works as a market scanner whose purpose is to point out important market movements and identifies basic price levels.

When it comes to accuracy, Autochartist is considered pretty consistent. According to recent studies, the accuracy of Autochartist signals is between 63% and 82%. This means, out of every 100 trades made using these signals, then at least 63 of them would be profitable. Thus, it's a perfect solution for practically all kinds of traders who wish to improve their trades with signals.

By applying Autochartist signals from Forex4you and Autochartist, you can access these benefits for free:

  1. Chart Patterns: Get insights on how chart patterns are supposed to look and how you can identify these patterns on the chart.
  2. Fibonacci Patterns: Automatically identify Fibonacci patterns on the chart to get clear visuals of the Fibonacci levels at which support and resistance are expected based on the golden ratio theory. Not only that,
  3. Key Levels: This refers to the horizontal lines of support and resistance to fit your decisions linearly so you can buy/sell proportionally. Apart from that, key levels are also important to set reversal or breakout points.
  4. Emerging Patterns: Autochartist is able to determine patterns that are still forming. It has a recognition system that's able to find patterns instantly when the price touches the last point of resistance and support levels that are required to complete the shape of a pattern.


The Bottom Line

All in all, Autochartist on Forex4you is a must-try feature that can easily be accessed after completing the verification process. Available on both the desktop and the mobile version of MT4, the software offers more flexibility to access all the features whenever you want. Just simply install the plugin and receive regular signals to improve your performance in no time. 

Just keep in mind that Autochartist only provides signals and not trading recommendations. The broker has no responsibility for the inaccuracies or incompleteness of the data provided by Autochartist, so please be mindful when incorporating the signals into your strategy. Make sure to consider the risks and confirm the validity of the signal before using it in live markets.


FAQ on Forex4you's Autochartist

  • What are the pros of Autochartist?
    It provides reliable trading signals suitable for any trading strategy, is completely free of charge for all verified clients, is able to recognize patterns easily on the chart, can be used in MetaTrader 4 (desktop and mobile), and can be used to trade in all financial markets supported.

  • Is there any drawback to Autochartist?Yes, there is. Beginners may depend on Autochartist signals for technical analysis.

  • Is Forex4you a safe broker?
    Yes, Forex4you is a trusted brokerage firm with over 15 years of experience in the industry. The company has facilitated more than 1 billion executed transactions from 1.4 million opened trading accounts. It is a fully regulated broker that operates under the watch of the authority in the British Virgin Islands under the license BVI FSC (license number: SIBA/L/12/1027). On top of that, the company also has multiple security measures such as using a segregated account to keep clients' funds, offering Negative Balance Protection, and providing support in controversial matters involving an independent judge.

  • Can I try Autochartist features on a Demo account?
    Unfortunately, no. You'll need to open a live trading account and complete the verification process in order to access Autochartist for free.


Forex4you is a forex and CFD broker with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. The company seeks to contribute to the global change in the online trading industry — bringing more transparency and making trading truly accessible to all with instant and market execution, multiple trading platforms, free market analytics, as well as multiple account types.