TradeDays is one of the most rewarding bonus programs offered by Admirals. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Every day, millions of traders from all around the world invest their money and open positions in the forex market. Each of them uses a unique strategy depending on their trading style and preferences, but they have one goal in mind, which is to gain profit. Many brokers see this as an opportunity to promote their business; hence the idea of forex trading cashbacks.

Admirals, previously known as Admiral Markets, is one of the brokers that offer various bonuses and cashbacks. Admirals Tradedays is a great example of forex cashbacks that you can take advantage of. Let's find out what it's all about.

Admirals Tradedays



Why Trade with Admirals?

Admirals is a leading online trading and investments service that provides access to countless opportunities for both beginner and professional traders. The broker accepts clients from all around the globe and has offices in the UK, Europe, Australia, and Jordan. All of the offices are under the careful watch of the relevant state regulators, including JSC of Jordan, ASIC of Australia, CySEC of Cyprus, and FCA of the UK.

Among other things, Admirals offers thousands of tradable instruments, ranging from currency pairs to CFDs on cryptocurrencies. Admirals' clients can enjoy advanced trading platforms that are equipped with useful and exclusive analytical tools which ensure a seamless trading experience. Their costs are considered quite competitive compared to other brokers in the market.


Get to Know Admirals Tradedays

Admiral Tradedays is one of the time-limited programs offered by Admirals. It offers an exclusive cashback promotion of up to 35%. The amount is calculated from the typical spread from eligible trades. Both new and existing clients can participate in this event using their live trading accounts.


How to Get the Cashback

In order to participate in the program, here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Sign up and create an account on Admiral's website. Make sure to verify your account before proceeding to the next step. If you are an existing user, simply log in to your secure client area.
  2. in order to participate in the event, simply fill in the form on the Admirals Tradeday page. Enter your MetaTrader account number, choose three of the available CFD instruments, and enter your personal details. Agree to the terms and conditions and click "Get Started".
  3. Fund your account with your preferred payment method and open trades.
  4. Receive the cashback automatically from the spreads on every eligible trade you make.

It is worth noting that only trades that are lasting more than 2 minutes would be eligible for the event. Also, the typical spreads may differ based on the contract specification for each instrument. You can check the broker's website for more details.


Available Instrument Choices

Unfortunately, this offer can be used on certain assets only. Don't worry though as the instruments picked by Admirals are all popular and trending at the time this program is in effect. In this program, you could pick up to three of the following instruments:

  • DAX40
  • NQ100
  • DJI30
  • GOLD


Other Cashback Offers

Apart from limited-time programs like Admirals Tradedays, Admirals also has a lifelong cashback program that will reward you each month simply for making trades. Essentially, you will be rewarded with extra credits based on your trading volume. The cashback rate is 1 USD per million USD of notional trading volume, calculated on the basis of your monthly closed positions. You will receive the reward at the end of each month.

Any trading positions are eligible for this program, except:

  • Positions with a duration of less than 15 minutes.
  • Positions with a profit or loss amount less than two typical spreads of the traded instrument.
  • Positions on single share CFDs and ETF CFDs.

This program is available to all Admirals clients and all live trading accounts. It offers the easiest way to earn money with very few requirements. All you need to do is deposit some funds in your account and make trades. There is no need to claim the gift or take any additional action to get it as the reward will be automatically transferred to your account during the first 5 calendar days of each reporting month.

Please note that in Admirals, one trading account can only have one active bonus or participate in one bonus promotion at a time. However, you may participate in multiple promotions if you use separate accounts opened in the same Trader's Room.


Some Tips on Trading Cashbacks

Trading cashbacks are great to earn additional income. It is relatively easy to get, especially for active traders. You simply need to participate in the program and open positions to earn cashback on each transaction regardless of the outcome. However, such programs can also trigger negative effects like overtrading and laziness. In fact, the ease of getting rewards can motivate traders to open trades without really considering the outcome.

If you're not careful, such behavior can damage your overall trading performance. You might think that losing trades is not a huge problem anymore as long as you get cashbacks at the end of the trade. It can reduce your motivation to learn, practice, and improve your trading skills. At the same time, it can also urge you to keep on trading and even take more risks than you can afford.

With that being said, it's important to use the cashback opportunities properly. The first thing to keep in mind is to stay focused on the trade, not the bonus. Otherwise, you could lose the essence of trading and end up getting more losses than you can anticipate. Just do your usual trading routine without calculating the potential cashbacks. Think of it as a bonus for trading well. So, even with the cashbacks, you still feel the need to do your best and improve your performance.


Final Thoughts

While it shouldn't be your primary concern, trading cashbacks can certainly add value to a forex broker. In this case, Admirals offers a number of attractive bonus rebates and cashbacks through various events like Admirals Tradedays. You can get extra bonuses simply by conducting trades so this is undoubtedly a huge opportunity to earn extra income, especially for active traders.


Admiral Markets is a forex and CFD brokerage that has been operating since 2001 to provide smart financial answers for traders around the globe. Their main services revolve around 3 key activities: Learn, Trade, and Invest. In doing so, they have many registered subsidiaries including Admiral Markets UK Ltd, Admiral Markets Pty Ltd (Australia), Admiral Markets AS Jordan Ltd, Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd, Admirals SA (Pty) Ltd (South Africa), and Aglobe Investments Ltd (Seychelles) for the worldwide market.