Are you searching for a way to learn crypto trading while still making money? The globally known exchange offers a great solution for you.

Cryptocurrency trading has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years, making the industry bigger each day. Millions of people from different backgrounds, ages, and origins have decided to join the community and participate in the crypto market. In order to fulfill all those needs, many developers have introduced various trading software and tools that could help the traders with their trading journey. One of the most popular ones is copy trading.

Crypto copy trading on

Copy trading is often seen as an excellent opportunity for novice traders to earn money without having to have extensive skills and knowledge. is one of the well-known crypto exchanges that offer the service for traders worldwide. The exchange has been doing its business since 2013, so it has built quite a reputation among crypto traders. As of January 2022, the exchange has over 1 million strategies in progress and no less than 100,000 strategies copied. The highest return of the strategy has reached 618.4%, and the users have received the highest cumulative profit of $224,360 from copy trading alone. Read further to know more about how to copy crypto trading on's Crypto Copy Trading at Glance's Quantitative Trading Center has recently been re-launched and renamed Copy Trading, which is basically an upgraded version with several key improvements to satisfy quantitative trading enthusiasts. As the name implies, copy trading refers to a method that allows an individual trader to automatically copy a position or strategy of other traders. The process involves linking the copy trader's account with the trader that he/she chooses to copy. Thus, any action made by the trader in the future will automatically be applied to both accounts.

It is worth noting that the connection is not permanent, so the trader who copies the strategy can break it anytime. Apart from that, they can also decide the amount of money to allocate in a particular trade and copy several traders at the same time. As a result, the copy trader can manage the risk and the potential profit or loss better. To have even more control over the trade, the copy trader can choose to execute positions manually after receiving notifications from the traders they follow.

In exchange, copy traders must pay a small fee to compensate the expert traders who allow others to copy their strategies. However, copy trading on is technically free of charge. You'll only need to give 5% of your profit from every copied trade as compensation for the trader you follow. On, the expert traders or the strategy providers are called the "signalers". If you're just about to start copy trading, you need to do some research and find the most profitable signaler to copy. You can begin by searching through the trading platform and analyze each profile by looking at their profit and risk levels and past performances.


The Benefits of Copy Trading on

Copy trading is popular because of its many advantages. First, it is good for beginners because they can execute their trades with relatively small efforts and still generate money. Copy trading also offers a huge opportunity because it allows them to learn and earn at the same time.

Secondly, copy trading can save time for traders because they don't need to do complicated market analyses by themselves. Instead, they only need to trust the signaler to study the price movements and make the hard decision. This also presents a chance to earn profit in the very short run. The key is to follow and copy a successful trader.

The next advantage is the user-friendly trading platform. has a trading platform with a huge number of experienced crypto traders that you can copy. The platform also lets you search them by using filters, such as most copied and top gainers. This surely makes it easier for you to decide who you want to copy based on your personal preferences. also provides a set of data and information about each trader in the form of statistics and metrics to help you make your decision. You can see their detailed profile, which includes information about their return amount, rate of return, the number of trades they've made in total, the history of their trades, who have copied them, and the total money that they have invested. You can even see the potential profit that you can make if you follow them.

Lastly, copy trading has a good flexibility level, so you still have enough control over your trade. For instance, you can simply unfollow and stop copying a bad-performing signaler. You can immediately find a better signaler or even follow more than one signaler at a time to balance out the potential profits and risks.


The Drawbacks

Copy trading has many benefits, but you can still lose money through it. This can happen if you follow an unprofitable signaler. When the trader you're following makes a mistake and loses money, you also lose with them. If you put all your eggs in one basket and trust one signaler to handle your funds, then the risk is higher and you could lose a lot of money in one go. Also, remember that when you follow a signaler, you need to pay a commission regularly. If you don't make enough profit, the trading fee might be burdensome and turn your investment into losses.


How to Copy Strategies on's Web Platform

1. Log in to your trading account and visit's official website. Click "Copy Trading" in the navigation bar and "Strategy Pool" or "Leaderboard" to see the list of strategies that you can copy.

Step 2.1 web

2. Once you find the strategy you like, click "Copy". You'll see a pop-up window that contains detailed information about your order. Fill in the required fields and click "Create" when you're ready.

3. After the order is successful, you can see all of your copied strategies by clicking the "My Strategies" button on the Copy Trading page.

Step 3 web


How to Copy Strategies on's App

If you prefer to control your trades from the comfort of your mobile screen, you can follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your trading account and open the mobile app. Click "Copy Trading" on the Homepage.
  2. On the Copy Trading page, you can see the list of strategies that you can copy based on rankings. Select the one you like and click "Free Replication". Alternatively, you can also visit the Strategy Creation page and click "I Want to Follow". A strategy will be created once you enter all the necessary information.
  3. You can monitor your copied strategies by clicking on the "My Strategies" menu.


Copy Trading Trial Funds

Recently, launched the copy trading trial funds that can function as copy trading margins, loss deductions, handling fees, and capital costs. The funds are created to facilitate both new and regular users to try the feature out without any risk in copy trading. So, it is similar to a demo account.

There are two types of funds available, each works for copy traders and signalers. In order to check the balance of your trial funds, you can simply head over to's website, and then click "Wallet" – "Funds Overview" – "Quant Account".


Conclusion is a popular crypto exchange that offers copy trading in its service. On, you can choose to be a copy trader or a signaler. The best thing about's copy trading feature lies in the trading platform. The platform is very easy to navigate and has a long list of reliable experienced traders with great strategies that you can copy along with detailed information about their past performances. Above all, offers a good security measure and track record, so you don't need to worry about hackers or thieves stealing your crypto assets.

However, please keep in mind that copy trading is not always profitable. You can still lose money if you are not careful and end up picking an unprofitable signaler. This is why it's highly important to take your time to analyze each potential signaler to copy and match it with your personal criteria. It's wise to invest only a certain portion of your money for copy trading as it is still considered a risky investment. Even better, you can follow several signalers at the same time to minimize the risk of losing even more.

Lastly, even after you go through all the process and make your decision to follow certain traders, you still need to regularly monitor your trades and check the market performance. At some point, you might need to terminate some trades by unfollowing the signalers who are not performing well.