Only a handful of forex brokers offer fixed rate in their services, mainly because of the risk and cost that they must bear. But for traders, this feature can be very helpful.



Forex trading is prevalent among traders worldwide because of the currency market's flexibility and liquidity. Many traders believe that forex trading can be very profitable in a relatively short time, which is true if you know the right strategy. In the modern world, forex trading is available for everyone by using an online broker. This way, traders have even more options and opportunities to seek.

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fixed rate controversy

However, not all currencies in the market have equal values. Some currencies have more significant values and more popular than others, which then influences each currency's exchange rate.

There are two types of exchange rates system in macroeconomics over the years: fixed exchange rate and floating exchange rate. Basically, a fixed rate means that the central bank makes sure that the currency's exchange rate to another currency or the current gold price doesn't move past a certain level, so the rate is fixed. In comparison, the floating exchange rate means that the currency rate depends on the market, specifically on the supply and demand relative to other currencies.

The exchange rate can often be an issue for forex traders before they deposit or withdraw because there are a few things that must be considered.

"When is the perfect time to deposit with the best rate?"

"Does broker A have a better rate than broker B?"

"What payment method has the best rate?"

Such problems often arise among those who want to build a consistent career in trading. In other words, the exchange rate can potentially have a tremendous impact on the trading experience in general, adding more stuff to stress about.

To help traders overcome this issue, some forex brokers came up with the idea of offering a fixed rate for deposit and withdrawal. With this facility, traders don't need to worry about getting bad exchange rates because of their terrible timing when funding their trading accounts. However, there are also some downsides to this feature.


Fixed Rate in Forex Brokers

In forex trading, deposit and withdrawal are two crucial things for many traders and they can affect traders' overall opinion of the broker. That is why many brokers try their best to improve their deposit and withdrawal service, in which a fixed rate can be offered as one of the solutions. With fixed rate feature, traders don't need to worry about the fluctuating exchange rate between their currency and the account's base currency.

Fixed Rate feature is beneficial for traders

Just imagine you want to deposit $100 in your account. When the exchange rate of USD/SGD is at Rp1.33, you must spend SGD133. At another time, when you want to deposit another $100, the exchange rate may have risen to SGD1.40, so you have no choice but to spend SGD140. That is why, in this situation, traders must calculate the rate from time to time in order to get the best deal at the right time. However, you can scratch that from your to-do-list if your broker has a fixed rate feature going. Let's say the broker decided that the exchange rate is at SGD1.35 and you want to deposit $100, then you need to prepare SGD135 at all times, no matter how big the price change in the market.

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From the illustration, above, we can see that fixed rate can be very beneficial for many traders regarding their deposit and withdrawal activities, especially if their currency tends to be highly volatile and prone to extreme changes. However, by using this feature, there will be no benefits from higher withdrawal rates.


Fixed Rate vs. Fixed Spread

Fixed rate is different from fixed spread. Fixed spread essentially refers to the spread charged for every transaction, while fixed fate only applies to the deposit and withdrawal transfers. Not all brokers with fixed spread feature fixed rate and vice versa.

However, some brokers actually charge a "spread" for deposit and withdrawal activities. Let's say the broker decides that the deposit rate is SGD1.33 and the withdrawal rate is SGD1.35. The SGD2 difference means that you must pay an SGD2 spread for every deposit and withdrawal roundabout, multiplied by the size of funds involved in the two transactions. The situation will be different if the broker offers a fixed rate feature because, in this case, the deposit and withdrawal rates are always the same. That means the spread is always at SGD0 because there's no difference between the deposit rate and the withdrawal rate.


Brokers Offering Fixed Rate

Despite its benefits, it is unfortunate that not many brokers offer a fixed rate for their clients. Usually, it is being provided by DD and STP brokers that operate under offshore regulators. The reason is it might not be as beneficial for brokers because they have to bear a higher risk when the exchange rate is unstable, increasing the broker's chance to go bankrupt from covering traders' losses in exchange rates.

Still, a few brokers have managed to provide fixed rate based on its attractiveness to new clients. Here are some of them that you can consider:


1. FBS

Variable and Fixed
ASIC, 426359

Min Deposit

Bonus offers

Trading contests

Free education

Affiliate program

Islamic accounts available


Credit/debit cards
Local bank transfer
Perfect Money
Wire transfer

Since 2009, the action of FBS Holding Inc. or known as FBS in the world of forex trading has been recognized by various international institutions. With clients reaching 14 million as of 2019, FBS has received the title of Most Transparent Forex Broker 2018, Best Investor Education 2017, Best Customer Service Broker Asia 2016, IB FX Program, and many others.

FBS is regulated by IFSC Belize and CySEC Cyprus. This broker has been trusted by millions of traders and 370 thousand partners from various countries. Based on their data, FBS garners about 7,000 new traders and partner accounts every day. And, 80% of the clients stay in the FBS for a long time. No wonder the broker is growing rapidly due to the incredible growth in the number of clients.

Trading products offered by FBS range from forex, CFD, precious metal, and stock. For forex trading, CySEC-regulated FBS offers leverage up to 1:30 on Cent and Standard Accounts. Clients who want to try higher leverage than that can alternatively register an account under FBS Belize.

In all types of accounts, provided spreads start from 1 pip. On a standard account, volume orders can be made from 0.01 to 500 lots. Therefore, this account is recommended for experienced traders.

Whereas on Cent Accounts, volume orders can be carried out with a maximum of 500 cent lots or the equivalent of 5 standard lots. Cent Accounts involve a different level of risk. FBS recommends Cent Accounts for beginner traders. All account types support the following trading tools: 28 currency pairs and 2 metals.

Before plunging into the real forex market, traders can practice with FBS Demo Account which consists of two types, i.e Standard and Cent.

FBS uses the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. They offer them on Windows and Mac as well as Android and iOS mobile. These platforms provide a trading experience at traders' fingertips, allowing traders to progress as a trader anywhere at any time.

MetaTrader platforms also have a variety of mainstay features, including the possibility to create, buy, and use expert advisors (EA) and scripts, One-click trading and embedded news, technical analysis tools, the possibility to copy deals from other traders, hedging positions, and VPS service support.

Another advantage provided by FBS is a deposit bonus of 100% for clients who fulfill certain requirements. The process of depositing and withdrawing funds can be run easily and quickly. Based on clients' testimonies, each process usually takes no more than 3-4 hours, except on holidays.

To increase the security of client funds, FBS also provides segregated account where 70% of funds can be deposited in the client bank. This broker also presents something unique; a guarantee 10% to 100% of the deposit fund. If a trader loses funds during a transaction but is insured, FBS will refund the trader's funds.

Traders also have the opportunity to develop a side business when trading with FBS, namely as an Introducing Broker (IB) or Affiliate. The FBS partnership system provides partner commissions that are already in 3 level positions. Only by introducing new clients to FBS according to certain procedures, traders can earn extra income.

Traders will also get trading education experience at FBS. They have prepared a comprehensive forex course. The course consists of 4 levels: beginner, elementary, intermediate, and experienced. Traders can take courses that will turn them from newbies to professionals. All materials are well-structured. Besides, FBS provides various forex analyzes, webinars, forex news, and daily market analysis that can be accessed easily on their site.

Traders can access the FBS website with many language choices. Of course, this will increasingly provide comfort for traders. Available languages include English, Dutch, Italian, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish, and others. Live chat support is also provided 24 hours 7 days a week.

In conclusion, FBS is a widely known broker among retail traders around the world. It continually grows to become a preferred broker because of flexible trading conditions that enable its clients to trade with various instruments, low deposit, and other trading advantages.

FBS is a globally recognized broker with a fixed rate feature available for all clients worldwide. The broker has a high reputation due to its compliance with two regulators; IFSC Belize and CySEC Cyprus. Since its first launch in 2009, FBS has earned many traders' interest. Their fixed rate is offered along with other services including fast response customer support, Islamic account option, bonuses, promos, and low spread trading in various types of accounts.


2. FirewoodFX


Min Deposit

Bonus offers

Segregated accounts

Affiliate program

Islamic accounts available


Credit/debit cards
Perfect Money
Tether (USDT)
Wire transfer

FirewoodFX is a forex broker established in 2014 and is currently under the regulation of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Although the broker is considered relatively new compared to its competitors, FirewoodFX offers simple trading conditions that are easy to understand for beginners. FirewoodFX offers the top-rated trading platform MetaTrader 4 that can be accessed via desktop, web trading, and mobile app. Other than that, the broker offers a fixed rate feature in their deposit and withdrawal service. This feature is available in Micro account which only requires a minimum deposit of USD10 USD. This way, traders can enjoy the fixed rate benefits by trading in small lot size (starting from 0.01 micro lot) and high leverage of 1:1000.


3. Monex


Min Deposit

In contrast to the previously mentioned brokers, Monex Investindo Futures is a broker originated from Indonesia which operates under the regulation of BAPPEBTI since 2000. This broker is known to give their best service for all clients by providing competitive trading conditions. One of the most popular facilities is fixed rate to help their clients avoid risks and difficulties during market's extreme volatility that may affect the exchange rate between the US Dollar and Indonesian Rupiah.



While forex trading can bring a generous amount of profits to traders, it can also be disastrous for them who prefer to frequently deposit and withdraw their money from time to time. The floating exchange rate system makes their transactions prone to high spreads that cost a lot of money when summed up together. It can eventually lead them to carefully choose the right time to deposit or withdraw from their trading accounts; creating a difficulty that can be avoided completely with a fixed rate. In this case, forex brokers offering fixed rate can be a good answer to end that problem.

This comparison table can be a good reference should you choose to try trading in one of the three forex brokers mentioned previously:

Feature FBS FirewoodFX Monex Investindo Futures


General Rating 3.28/5
Trustpilot 3.7/5

General Information

Office(s) China, Egypt, Indonesia, Korea (Republic of), Malaysia and Thailand Saint Vincent and Grenadines Indonesia
Regulation ASIC 426359
CySEC, 331/17
IFSC (Belize), IFSC/60/230/TS/12

Established 2009 2014 2000
Minimum Deposit $1 $10 $500
Maximum Leverage 1:3000 1:1000 1:100
Spread Fixed Fixed Variable
Commissions $6
Minimum Position 0.01 lot 0.01 lot 0.1 lot
Payment Credit/debit cards, FasaPay, Local bank transfer, Neteller, Perfect Money, Skrill, UnionPay and Wire transfer Credit/debit cards, FasaPay, Neteller, Perfect Money, Skrill, Tether (USDT), UnionPay and Wire transfer
Official Website Visit FBS Visit FirewoodFX Visit Monex Investindo Futures

Account Variations

Segregated Account
Islamic Account
PAMM Account
Managed Account
LAMM Account
MAM Account
Forex Demo Account

Trading Requirements

US traders are welcome
Requires sending documents via postal mail
Overnight interest rates (swaps)
Trading by telephone

Trading Features

Trading contests
Automated trading
Interest rate on funds
Bonus offers
Free education
Personal manager
Affiliate program

Trading Platforms and Complements

Mobile trading
Browser-based platform
Trading via API
One-click trading
Trailing stop
Pending orders
One-Cancels-Other (OCO) orders

Instruments Traded

Spread betting
Gold & silver
Binary options
Soft commodities

Customer Support

Website Languages Arabic, Bengali/Bangla, Burmese, Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Laothian, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese Chinese, English, Indonesian, Thai
Email Support
Call Support
Chat Support


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User Reviews


Jul 28 2020

I have a good experience with FBS. The withdrawal is super fast

A couple of days ago I placed pending order but I found it not executed correctly so it's a bit disappointing. Hope it doesn't happen again

t. morozov

Jul 28 2020

Honestly, it's been 1 year since I opened an account in FBS and I never face any significant problem. Once I got a deposit problem due to the bad quality of the proof of payment. They requested me to resend the picture and all was good after that. For me they have the best withdrawal and client support

Always Andrews

Jul 28 2020

I've tried withdrawing from my account 3 times and the total amount of withdrawal was $1500. I never run into problems. Everything's fine within 3 hours, and my trades are always executed perfectly.

Thanks FBS. Hope you can maintain your quality and keep being a trusted broker. I intend to trade for the long term after all

Da Perry Black

Jul 28 2020

Imo FBS gives the best analysis to improve my trading performance.

Also, their promotion and contests are awesome



Jul 28 2020

Thank God everything's fine and I never meet any trouble trading with FBS. Every broker has their advantages and disadvantages, we just have to optimize the advantages and minimize the risk from the disadvantages.


Henry day

Jul 28 2020

In my experience, FBS never gives me problems even when I requested some $1000 withdrawals. The process only took 2 hours most of the time.

My deposits are also great. Every time I'm researching a potential broker, I always read their terms and conditions, their promotions' pros and cons, so that I can never be trapped by said conditions.

Always put cautions when you trade and you will be safe trading in every broker.


Jul 28 2020

This broker actually suits me so well. Their deposit, withdrawal, and verification are all smooth. 5 stars for them!!!



Jul 28 2020

I'm sure everything will go well if we follow their terms accordingly. Like when we transfer funds, we should attach the proof for validation. I believe FBS is a professional broker considering their years of experience in this industry

Robert Baker

Jul 28 2020

FBS is good enough for me.. no problem so far.

Those who have problems with this broker... I never understand them. They're mostly trolls from competing brokers

Ivan Sokolov

Jul 28 2020

I trade in FBS because of their efficiency in deposit and withdrawal. Sadly, their service has worsened lately. They used to process payment in hours now they can take up to more than a day

Lia Adm

Jul 27 2020

why is it so long to get pin recovery. i never receive help from the support. I need to withdraw my money!

Teddy Wallace

Jul 27 2020

I wonder why it's so difficult to log in the personal area even after I input the right email and password smh


Jul 27 2020

I used to be an FBS client. I changed broker cz they failed my withdrawal requests. With the same trading strategy, I can be profitable and withdraw my fund in another broker.

FBS still has my respect, and I still have a plan to trade with them... maybe someday if I have disposable money. They have a good service for newbies after all.

The thing is, I hope they fix some things so clients can get better service. One instance is their PIN Recovery. It'd be better if they enable clients to click the code repeatedly, or just send it via email.

The one click policy is really bothering for most clients... and it's so unfortunate since any investment activity should not be bothered by such trivial matter.


Jul 27 2020

First Impression: quick account opening and instant deposit.

But when it's time to withdraw, there's an incorrect pin notification. It's weird as I never change the pin.

What's worse is I have requested pin recovery for 5 times, each request takes up to 24 hours for verification, and every one of them always results with similar email replies; none of them takes me to a certain page revealing my new pin.

Ian Thompson

Jul 27 2020

What an amazing experience I have with FBS.... Deposit went super fast. Now, what about the withdrawal? is everything still the same if I request $1000 withdrawal?


Jul 27 2020

This broker is ok for me. Account funding is good without the fixed rate, quick process, and the MT4 server is also great. It is only the withdrawal that I'm not sure about.


Jul 23 2020

I don't have the slightest intention to smear their reputation, but what they did to me is just too cruel.

They did me wrong in so many things. But the most hurtful one is when they manipulate the closing price. Imagine to always got your price chopped when you're in the profit and to always have your price added when you're loss. Yes!! That's what happens to me regularly.

Just consider wisely before choosing this broker. You will find that you lost your money most of the times with this broker.

Philip Carl

Jul 23 2020

I had the worst experience trading with FBS.

I opened a Buy Stop on EU a few days ago, but the order was executed when the price moved lower. I checked it later and there was no evidence that the pair visited my Buy Stop level.

I've sent many complaints about it via email. And sadly none of them haven't been answered. Where is their responsibility????


Jul 23 2020

I like FBS better and better every day. Their condition is one of (if not) the most accommodating for every type of traders. It really puts them in a high position among other brokers. Their cent account with leverage up to 1:1000 is a great opportunity for small traders to profit immensely.

Andrea Maxwell

Jul 23 2020

I'm one of FBS' loyal clients. I can testify that their payment process is always quick (only 1-2 hours), with low spread and responsive client support.

Their 60% deposit bonus is also very helpful as a trading credit. I manage to earn more than 500$ with the bonus.

El Major

Jul 23 2020

Not bad. I give them 7.5/10.

Just wish that they keep prioritizing their clients and not make their tricks too harmful for clients' funds.


Jul 23 2020

why did it take so long just to make a deposit.. argh!!


Jul 23 2020

Spread in my GBPUSD trades suddenly went up to 700 pips, but it benefited me since I place the trades in the correct position. But then my profits were canceled. Isn't it an obvious sign that they really manipulate the pricing?


Jul 23 2020

I almost "cheated" on my current broker to trade with FBS. What makes me avoid trading with this broker is the negative rumours spread among my trader friends. They said that getting verified in FBS is a nightmare. Also, the bonuses are mostly unwithdrawable.

Tinke Natalie

Jul 23 2020

Watch out for their bonus programs. Trading with the bonus account can disrupt your margin level. One of my clients got MC although his margin level is still 1000%. In my opinion, this kind of condition really mess up the money management. However, it's true that their withdrawal process is top-notch.


Jul 23 2020

A little fact about this broker, they like to increase spreads on pending orders. At times it can even reach 40 pips. I saw it with my own two eyes a couple of weeks ago in my GU trades. 

But I think it's quite normal even though some reviews have said the same thing about their "interest" to disturb GU spreads.

Speaking of withdrawal and deposit, I gotta admit that FBS is pretty good with them. They also give some traders 30% bonus for deposit to add their margin. Execution is fine and I never meet requotes

Abys Ryan

Jul 23 2020

They said withdrawals only take 1-3 hours, but the fact is I haven't got my fund in more than 2 days. Where does my money go? It's like they disappear up in the air

Didier Z

Jul 23 2020

I sometimes doubt FBS considering their bad rep among traders. Most of their reviews are negative especially concerning their SL/TP execution that result in so many loss positions.

Edwin Calahan

Jul 23 2020

A few days ago my hedging position got MC. They put back my positions only after I emailed them about it.

Just so you know, spread widening is their go-to answer for this kind of problem

Dicky Shepherd

Jul 23 2020

I'm so disappointed in FBS. They modified my SL to increase my loss and canceled my Pending Order without any reason. I later learn that my Pending Order would've been ended up with profit if it was not canceled.


Jul 23 2020

I lost my trades two times just because of the MT4's poor performance. Their platform somehow differs from other brokers', both for the pricing and the indicator application. They failed my Stoploss so many times it makes me wonder why it seems like they don't bother to conceal their fraud at all

Nigel Peterson

Jul 23 2020

Most of the time the platform will disconnect. When it re-connects everything becomes lagging.


Jul 23 2020

This broker is a thief

When the market watch shows 00.00-02.00, the spread will jump and it can be up to 12 pips.

This is what makes many traders loss imo

Anders G.madsen

Jul 23 2020

Try to use an EA and u'll find many requotes and invalid prices

Marteen Khyrs

Jul 23 2020

After suffering an MC I was traumatized for two years. But then I found FBS about a year ago and I can say that their service is near perfect. The server is reliably fast and my withdrawal is accepted in less than 24 hr.

No requote in sight so far...

Alan 1156

Jul 23 2020

The most accomplished broker I know. Almost all of the necessary trading feature is here. Withdrawal via local banks is also available, n the process is super fast XD


Jul 23 2020

Two thumbs up for FBS. It is one of the most recommended brokers. They have customer support like no other. They don't make excuses. During my 1.5 year experience with them, everything's still fine.

Steve Wayne

Jul 23 2020

I've tried trading here with low deposit and the service is pretty satisfying. Each problems are replied within 24 hours. I hope my withdrawal next month is also good, fast, and simple. Go FBS!

N Atika

Jul 15 2020

FBS cheated my xau/usd trade. I got MC at 1480.93 while the price on MT4 is at 1479.39...

Vladimir R.

Jul 15 2020

I'm very struck by the possibility of operating pharmaceutical actions with FBS. In these times of the Coronavirus, the health issue is in the first place, it's interesting to be able to trade the shares of pahrmaceutical companies.


Aug 14 2020

I don't know much about top-tier brokers, but as far as newbies are concerned, FirewoodFX does provide a hard-to-resist trading conditions with its fixed spread, fixed rate, low deposit, and high leverage.


Aug 14 2020

Withdrawal or deposit anytime. It is a 24-hour service, reliable even during weekends.

Sandra Kim

Aug 14 2020

The spread is really 1 pip in normal condition. A competitive offer especially for scalpers. But I'm not quite sure about the license.

Riley McDowell

Aug 14 2020

It's quite considerable. The bonus offers are interesting enough. And they accommodate beginners' needs quite well.


Aug 14 2020

Good STP broker with fixed spread only from 1 pip.

No restrictions for trading condition and the slippage does not always result in loss...

Raymond Sheeran

Aug 14 2020

I found this broker while rummaging through fx forums. Their 1 pip fixed spread campaign attracted me to try their service. As a scalper, I found my match in Firewood. They do not make my trades difficult. Everything goes according to my plan.

Also, the execution is speedy. My withdrawals never run into any problems.

I think I'll commit to stay here and will try out some new features should they offer them in the coming future.

Keep doing the good job!!


Aug 14 2020

What a fraud. Their customer service is extremely bad. My e-mail is never responded

St Lucas

Aug 14 2020

It's a nice broker for beginners like me. The specifications really support beginners, whether it's fixed spread, free swap, or fixed rate. The response from customer service is satisfying too. I never have a bad experience withdrawing my funds in this broker. All processed instantly.

Jack Trades

Aug 14 2020

Fix rate and instant deposit and withdrawal in this broker are very attractive. The trading execution is also instant and I can still ge rebate despite the scalping strategy that I apply. What a wonderful experience I have here

D. Bohemian

Jul 28 2020

Just information, Monex is a local broker. All of you guys can open the rill account easily. For deposit security, they are using a segregated account and supervised by Bappebti. The withdrawal process is totally fast and free commission.

Nor Alam Syah

Oct 28 2019

I am a trader on this broker. Based on the security and customer service, this broker is number one. But two times, I have experienced my capital was completely depleted.

I want to activate my account again, but No way. Here is my reason:

  • The spread is too high for me. Make it lower, at least not too much difference with the oversea broker.
  • The commission is too big 
  • There is no swap account 


Nov 20 2019

Based on my experienced, every transaction using lot 0.1 I will be charged about $2.5, and there are a lot of minus swaps. I stopped trading on the local broker because I heard an issue that all kind of local broker is the dealer. 


Jul 28 2020

That's totally easy when doing registration on this broker. No likely another local broker, it really takes time. Good job Monex!

Kevin Prince

Jul 27 2020

Firstly, I doubt all of the local forex brokers, but I think Monex is different. Even this broker has a lot of negative issues, but still alive. Then, several months ago, I decided to join this broker. Now I know, Monex is a good broker. 

D. Caprio

Jul 27 2020

For the local forex standard, I think Monex is suitable for newbie and Millenial. The website is more new-fashioned and sophisticated. All clients can do online registration. It is different from another local broker that using the old way, looking for new clients via F2F Marketing. I hope this broker can survive long-lasting. God bless Monex!

Bejo W

Jul 27 2020

I don't have special trading experience with a local broker, I think all the same. All rules are being generalized by Bappebti.Nejo


Jul 27 2020

Let me share my experience when I trading on Monex broker. The spread is competitive and small enough. That's good


Jul 27 2020


About the fund security, this broker is good. They already used the segregated account features that make this broker being my favorite.

James Brown

Jul 24 2020

Based on my experienced, The Autochartist feature is amazing. This feature helps me a lot to get consistent profit. It will give you a chart analysis instantly. So, I can optimize trading activity without losing momentums. But, I'm still at the learning stage and keep learning with this feature. Thanks

G. Subastian

Jul 24 2020

If you are looking for a forex broker that provides education features, Monex is the answer. They have a complete education feature from videos, articles, and private classes. Thumbs up!

Justin K

Jul 24 2020

I will give you a testimonial about this broker. First of all, I trade on two brokers. But for me, Monex is the best based on their service, no doubt. I think there is no broker that can be compared with them.

Thomas D. Collins

Jul 24 2020

Monex has concerned about funding security and all clients are treated very well, even small deposit nor big funds. For your information, This broker uses a Segregated account. 



Jul 24 2020

G. Sony

Jul 24 2020

The customer service is friendly and responsive. I asked several times and being answered. 

C. Danis

Jul 24 2020

Monex's Customer service is really patient, they keep answering the basic questions from newbie trader like me. Bravo Monex!

Jo Evans

Jul 24 2020

I think this broker must be tried by the Indonesian trader. There are a lot of interesting features that really help to get profit. And the most important is the deposit and withdrawal method, they use a local bank as the main payment processor. 


Jul 24 2020

Do not trade on a local broker that regulated by Bappebti because it is a dealer forex broker (DD Broker). Just search on Google, there is a difference between No Dealing Desk brokers (NDD) and Dealing Desk brokers (DD).


Jul 24 2020

Wow, Monex's articles often appear on page one Google....and all of them is really help me learning trading forex. Thank you!

Giovanni S

Jul 23 2020

Monex forex is one of most of my favorite brokers. All that I need is provided by this broker


Jul 23 2020

This broker is good for me. They provide a lot of trading tools. I always use that feature and the result is I often get profit. 

Christopher Damian

Jul 23 2020

Monex is my first broker, I think this broker is enough for me. The minimum is really affordable.

L. Andrew

Jul 23 2020

I have been Monex Customers since 2012. Nowadays, Monex has changed a lot, especially for the transparency about the urgent information. That's so bad.

Labib Ayoob

Jul 23 2020

I have entrusted Monex for the main broker where I trading. So far, I have already felt satisfied with the service. I have done withdrawal several times and there is no problem with that. 

J. Austin

Jul 23 2020

That's too dangerous for a scalping strategy for Monex broker because the minimum is too high. 

Adi Yahya

Jul 23 2020

I have been trading for about 2 years in Monex. Everything goes so well, Deposit or withdrawal are always done perfectly. But, for all of you if you want to trade on this broker, brace yourself! Because of the minimal lot is high enough, about 0.1.

Justin Bowen

Jul 23 2020

Good job! The info that is provided by Monex News is really helping for fundamental analysis. Bravo!

Gina Bowman

Jul 23 2020

I feel the benefit of using Fixed-Rate. If using USD, we need to look for a USD exchanger first before doing a deposit. Whereas not everyone has a credit card. Thank you Monex for providing this feature


Jul 23 2020

I have traded in several brokers. Then' I found Monex, I think this broker has good service and I love it. Thank you! 

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