Brokers Regulation

Trading in a Multiple-Licensed Broker: Admiral Markets Edition

Jun 21 2021    

Forex brokers with multiple licenses can reach more traders in many jurisdictions. Through the Admiral Markets case, let's reveal how multiple licenses can influence trading conditions.

Retail Vs Professional Traders in ESMA Brokers

Jun 9 2021    

Since 2018, ESMA has imposed new rules that lead to brokers offering different services for retail and professional traders. Read further to find out the differences between the two.

CFTC Vs SEC: What are the Key Differences?

May 31 2021    

The US has the CFTC and SEC as regulatory agencies. How are they different? Why does the forex market fall under the CFTC and not SEC?

A to Z on Forex Brokers with Multiple Licenses

Apr 28 2021    

The existence of forex brokers with multiple licenses creates the illusion of higher credibility. But the facts about trusted forex brokers are not so simple.

Why Are US Clients Not Accepted in Many Forex Brokers?

Apr 20 2021    

If you're a trader from the US, you may wonder why many forex brokers operate globally but refuse to accept US clients. Find out the answer in this article.



UK FCA vs ASIC, Which Forex Regulator is More Reliable?

Feb 28 2021    

Brief comparison of UK FCA vs ASIC regulations results in several similarities and differences. You need to know these before choosing your brokers.

FSA Vs FCA: Exposing the Differences and the History

Feb 27 2021    

Other than the wording similarity, FSA and the FCA used to be the same organization. What makes them different today and what story goes behind the name change?

The Story Behind Tax Haven Countries for Forex Trading

Jan 25 2021    

Tax is a compulsory financial charge in any business, including forex trading. However, in tax haven countries, trading profits can be tax-free.

The Hidden Truth of Forex Broker License

Jan 19 2021    

One of the most important aspects of a broker is security. Being registered does not guarantee that a forex broker is licensed to offer their service. Learn the hidden truth here.

What Does VFSC Regulation Mean for Forex Brokers?

Nov 22 2020    

Few people recognize Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). However, VFSC regulation and licenses have become more prominent over the years due to specific reasons.