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Trading in an Offshore Broker: Pros and Cons

Mar 8 2022   33    

Trading in an offshore broker lets you invest in a country other than your own. But, is it really worth the risk? Should you trade in an offshore broker?

Your Simple Guide to Offshore Trading

Mar 3 2022   104    

Although offshore trading comes with its sketchy reputation, their regulation offers a lot of benefits and flexibility required to improve your trading potential.

What Beginners Should Know about FIFO in Trading

Feb 8 2022   84    

In 2009, the NFA adopted a FIFO rule, which then affects the whole forex trading industry in the US. So, what is the FIFO rule and how does it work?

FSA Regulated Brokers with the Lowest Deposit

Dec 20 2021   52    

If you wish to start forex trading, you should choose a broker that is regulated and offers low deposits. Here are the top 5 FSA-regulated brokers with the lowest deposit.

Forex Compensation Scheme Explained

Oct 28 2021   117    

Investor protection should always be at the forefront of any broker service. In regard to the forex compensation scheme, is it available in all brokers?

Forex Regulation in Africa: All You Need to Know

Oct 26 2021   102    

The forex market experiences a rapid growth in Africa today. Does the regulation keep up with the trend?

FCA and Other UK Financial Regulatory Bodies

Sep 23 2021   132    

The UK has the FCA, the PRA, and the FPC as the centers of financial regulation in the UK. What are they and how do they distribute their roles?

Trading in a Multiple-Licensed Broker: Admiral Markets Edition

Jun 21 2021   306    

Forex brokers with multiple licenses can reach more traders in many jurisdictions. Through the Admiral Markets case, let's reveal how multiple licenses can influence trading conditions.

Retail Vs Professional Traders in ESMA Brokers

Jun 9 2021   196    

Since 2018, ESMA has imposed new rules that lead to brokers offering different services for retail and professional traders. Read further to find out the differences between the two.

CFTC Vs SEC: What are the Key Differences?

May 31 2021   433    

The US has the CFTC and SEC as regulatory agencies. How are they different? Why does the forex market fall under the CFTC and not SEC?

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