Avoiding Broker Scams

Broker Fact Check: Are Market Makers Always Bad?

Jul 15 2021    

So you hate market maker brokers? There are common misconceptions about them spread around in the industry. The explanation below may change your mind about them.

4 Signs Your Broker Trades Against You

Jul 7 2021    

Is your broker trading against you? To answer your doubts, here are some crucial signs to find out the truth and what type of broker you should choose.

Top Blacklisted Forex Brokers You Should Avoid

May 5 2021    

Knowing blacklisted forex brokers would help you avoid unnecessary loss from trading in the wrong broker. Many are from different forex scams, so it's better to learn about them.

How to Identify Fake Broker Reviews

Mar 15 2021    

Scrolling through broker reviews is one way to measure the quality of a broker. However, not all reviews are genuine and reliable. So how do we identify fake broker reviews?

5 True Stories of Forex Broker Scams

Dec 11 2020    

In forex trading, scamming practices are often carried by the brokers. That is why as a trader, you must know which broker that must be avoided to minimize the risk of being scammed.



The Unresolved Case of MFX Broker Scam

Nov 12 2020    

MFX Broker has been in turmoil since around mid-2016. The case remains unresolved until now. Find out how it happened and what can we learn from it.

Beware the Trap of Money Game in Forex Brokers

Oct 8 2020    

The danger of money game has now reached the forex industry. Several of them have disguised themselves to attract new forex traders who can't tell the difference between a legit forex broker and a money game.

Exposing Forex Broker Secrets

Sep 29 2020    

Market markets and ECN brokers aren't always what they seem, so are forex bonus schemes and scammers' objectives. What are the hidden truths and why you need to understand them?

Forex Broker Cheats and How to Anticipate Them

Sep 21 2020    

Is your broker honest? Check out these forex broker cheats, how to tips identify and recover from them. After all, trading with a fair and reliable forex broker is crucial to ensure your success.

How to Find Out if Your Broker is a Scam

Dec 4 2019    

Choosing the right broker is the first and important step to join the forex world. If you're not careful, you will be sucked into the traps of a forex broker scam that leads you to a devastating loss.