Avoiding Broker Scams

Forex Trading Scams in Australia: Facts and Prevention

Sep 2 2022   34    

Recognizing the warning signs is the best approach to stay clear of Forex Trading scams in Australia.

How to Check If a Broker is Legit

Aug 10 2022   70    

Finding a trustworthy broker is highly necessary. But most times, brokers don't really tell the truth so it may be hard to know if they're really legit or not.

Can Brokers Manipulate Charts?

Aug 1 2022   163    

Brokers do have the ability to manipulate charts, but you don't have to be suspicious all the time since it depends on the type of brokers you trade with.

Can ECN Brokers Cheat on You?

Jul 31 2022   37    

If you seek to trade with ECN brokers, you should understand the three ways they can cheat on you.

WhatsApp Trading Scams: How Do They Work?

Jul 25 2022   109    

Are you an active WhatsApp user and are getting into forex trading? You should be careful if there are offers related to trading in your WhatsApp platform, especially if it's about forex signals.

Can MetaTrader 5 Scam You?

Jul 20 2022   226    

Is there such a thing as MetaTrader 5 scam? Believe it or not, many have questioned MT5's safety when the problem comes from the brokers that provide it.

Forex Scams in Singapore and How to Avoid Them

Jul 15 2022   69    

Despite having strict regulations, Singapore is certainly not free of forex scams. Let's find out the different stories of forex scams in Singapore and how to avoid them.

How Forex PAMM Scams Work

Jun 6 2022   243    

PAMM accounts may be beneficial for traders and investors, but there are scams and frauds looking for victims who don't know how to recognize the signs.

How to Spot Telegram Forex Scams?

Jan 24 2022   522    

Telegram is a popular platform for forex enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the messaging app is also a favorite place for scammers targetting newbie traders.

Identifying Fake Forex Brokers in Nigeria

Jan 21 2022   170    

It is vital to research how legit your platform is before depositing money to trade. For Nigerian traders, here's what you should do to avoid fake forex brokers.

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