If you're a Malaysian-based trader, look no further for inspiration. These 8 successful Malaysian Traders prove that forex trading can be a profitable and knowledge-sharing activity.

Forex trading has been expanding rapidly across the world in recent years. Whatever the reason is for a person to engage in forex trading, either for getting an additional income or building a full-time job, the enjoyment one can get from this field is undeniable. Traders usually walk into forex trading with a small step, starting from gathering the necessary information and opening a forex demo account. It practically requires nothing at first, but traders must eventually dedicate time, money, and most importantly their own discretion to turn the small step into a success story.

Malaysia is one country where many new traders try their hands at forex trading. Three factors can be attributed to this phenomenon: the economic climate, regulatory commissions, and government support. These factors, in turn, create a perfect environment for Malaysian traders to flourish.

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Below are 8 successful traders in Malaysia who we deem worth appreciating. Most of them join TradingView, one of the biggest platforms in the world that encourages knowledge-sharing. Thus, this list consists of traders who are not only successful but also generous in sharing their knowledge.

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1. Oma Ally

Oma Ally is a Malaysian trader who is famous for developing the BBMA strategy. He is renowned for his generosity in sharing his knowledge with fellow traders and has mentored and coached many successful traders over the years. BBMA OA, a trading community whose members mostly come from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei Darussalam, is very popular on Telegram with thousands of members.

BBMA is an abbreviation of Bolinger Bands and Moving Average, two most-favored MT4 indicators commonly used by traders to predict the market. Through extensive researches and tests, Oma Ally found the perfect formula to utilize these indicators and thus, bring forth a strategy dubbed BBMA Oma Ally. This trading strategy is well-known for its high entry accuracy, low floating time, and multiple entries. Thus, it has become a topic of knowledge-sharing among traders in Malaysia and its neighboring countries.

Oma Ally

Oma Ally opens trading class on a regular basis for those who want to learn more about BBMA. It is almost guaranteed that his class is full despite it being a paid service. This shows how his reputation has earned him a high level of trust from traders.


2. Rayn Lim

Rayn Lim is a trader of Singaporean origin and mostly operates his business from his native country. Nonetheless, it should be noted that Malaysia and Singapore share borders with each other and most importantly have the same time zone. For these two reasons, Rayn Lim is included in this list of successful traders, an individual that traders from the Malaysian region can genuinely look up to.

Rayn Lim has been active on TradingView since 3 years ago. Around 98% of his activity is dedicated to foreign exchange, making him a specialist when it comes to forex trading. He trades in various currency pairs such as USD/CAD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and EUR/JPY.

rayn lim

Over the years, Rayn Lim has been regularly sharing his analysis on the market. He shares his insight about bullish and bearish signals as well as shark setups which seem to be of his particular interest. He is a person who loves to share his expertise and knowledge to help fellow traders to capitalize on profitable situations. He holds the certification of Harmonic Patterns Trading Coach and offers paid professional consultation for when traders face specific obstacles on their trading plans.

At the time of writing this article, Rayn Lim has been garnering 13,800+ reputation points, almost 7,000 likes, more than 1,600 followers, and around 1,300 ideas. He can be found on Twitter (@raynlim) where he also offers daily analysis on forex trading.


3. Sufiansaid

Presumably named after Sufian Said, not much is known about this account other than the person behind it is originated from Brunei Darussalam, a country that borders Malaysia and shares the same time zone. This trader joined TradingView around 4 years ago and is still going strong until now. The account has been collecting more than 2,600 reputation points, about 300 ideas, 1,100+ likes, and around 270 followers.


Sufiansaid primarily works on currency pairs with 75% of his market allocation is on foreign exchange, making him one of the most experienced forex traders in the Malaysian region.

Sufiansaid regularly posts his insight on a trade on the platform. The account mainly focuses on bullish long term trading plans and bearish short term plans. The account creates a lot of self-explanatory charts and shares information on various currency pairs such as EUR/USD and GBP/JPY.


4. SL-Trades

SL-Trades is an account of a trader from Sarawak, Malaysia. He started his account around 1 year ago and in a relatively short time, he has been gathering a respectable amount of reputation of 1,103, with 582 likes and 179 followers, as well as 103 shared ideas.

SL-Trades is a well-rounded trader who operates in multiple markets. Foreign exchange and stocks make up the majority of his activity at 29% each. Around 7% he spends on commodities while the other 35% on other trades. These numbers showcasing SL-Trades' versatility to take on different fields of trading are a testament to his skill set as a trader.

SL-Trades Tradingview

As for foreign exchange, this account focuses mainly on GBP/USD and occasionally other currency pairs that offer bullish long term plans. SL-Trades present a lot of information on his page, thus the account is worth visiting for those interested in trading in general and especially forex.


5. MyTradingSpace_JK

MyTradingSpace_JK is an account of Jeanne Kong, a trader from Malaysia. Previously known as Jeannek, she joined TradingView around 5 years ago and has been gaining 429 reputation points, 188 likes, and 152 followers. The number of her followers might seem to be low considering the length of time on the platform. However, the engagement factor is also high since almost 1/5th of her followers are actively participating on her page.

She largely focuses on commodities trading at 58% and cryptocurrency trading at 33%. Cryptocurrency trading is similar to forex but can be quite different. The currencies on the forex market are backed by a centralized government, while cryptos are not. For some particular reasons, the similarities between forex and cryptos do not translate well into each other due to different influential factors.


Jeanne Kong works on bearish trends and shares fascinating information related to trading in general. Occasionally, she offers opinions on forex as well. One of her characteristics in knowledge-sharing is that she presents her charts in one compact image yet loaded with plentiful information.

Jeanne Kong is a very skillful trader who offers her opinions on potential ups and downs on the market on a regular basis. She can be found actively sharing her opinions on social media as well such as Twitter (@jeannekong) and Instagram (@traderjeannekong). Her skillful nature as a trader and the willingness to share her knowledge earned her a place in this list of successful Malaysian traders.


6. tohchin7010

tohchin7010 is an account from Malaysia, registered around 3 years ago. Unfortunately, not much is known about this trader. For the most part, they focus on commodities at 48% of the activity. Forex, their second most important activity, comes second at 26%. The other main activity is indices at 19%.


tohchin7010 has a distinctive take on Forex trading in which they work on Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), both of which are paired with Singapore Dollar (SGD).


7. teehanming

Joining TradingView 8 months ago, teehanming is a Malaysian trader who has been offering various well-structured information about forex trading. Indeed, Forex is the 2nd largest focus for this account at 29% of the activity. For the most part, teehanming focuses on Malaysian stocks at 71% of the entire activity.


In less than a year, the account has accumulated 140 reputation points and 71 likes. The currency pairs the account trades on are AUD/JPY and USD/CHF.


8. LCFXpro

LCFXpro is on a whole different level compared to the others on the list. Since joining TradingView around 3 years ago, the account has been amassing remarkable 111,000+ reputation points, 83,000+ likes, 19,400+ followers, and almost 1,000 ideas. However, as it is a professional account managed by a company, comparison with individual traders is a bit unfair. LCFXpro is based in Bali, Indonesia which is in close proximity to Malaysia. Thus, the insight and information this account shares are relatable to traders in the Malaysian region.


Arguably the most successful forex trader in the Malaysian region, LCFXpro focuses mainly on forex trading at 82% of the whole activity. The most frequently traded currency pairs are USD/CAD, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, and USD/JPY. The account has both long term and short term outlooks for any combination of these currencies. It also offers bullish market plans and with occasional bearish ones. All information is well-structured, and in fact, among the best on the platform.



The accommodating environment in Malaysia has greatly helped forex trading grow quickly and surely in the country. More and more new traders join the fun as information can be obtained simply by tapping their mobile screens. Through the internet, successful traders can share their knowledge, and along the way gain considerable followers. New traders are undoubtedly benefited from this information as they are most likely in need of guidance before becoming successful traders themselves.


Did you know? Besides Malaysia, one of the most lucrative markets for forex trading in Asia is Indonesia, an emerging country with one of the highest populations in the world. Interestingly, traders from Indonesia usually prefer to take any trading information only in their language.