Trend trading in the foreign exchange market is a simple strategy that can be accomplished by looking at chart actions.

Trend trading in the foreign exchange market is a simple strategy that can be accomplished by looking at chart actions. With careful observation, you may analyze the market’s movements, consult previous patterns, and consequently, determine a winning position.


For a beginner in the industry, its convenience is an advantage. However, basic techniques may not always be the most rewarding ones. If you’ve pictured a successful trade and maybe, a profitable trading career in the long run, why not find out more about the approach?

Here are 7 facts about trend trading in the foreign exchange market:

  1. There are only 3 types of trends: uptrend, downtrend, and flat-trend.
  2. Trend trading is said to be an incredibly profitable strategy, especially for beginners. Since its approach is straightforward, it eliminates a load of confusion and doubts for the inexperienced cluster.
  3. Even without a technical indicator, a trend can be determined accurately; if price action is found to affect a market, it is a strong signal of the existence of a driving conviction.
  4. Since trend reversals can occur quickly, your job is to formulate a decision quickly, too. Once you receive even the slightest hint that its direction is about to change, choose between two options: (1) establishing an exit point and (2) entering an entry point in a different direction.
  5. Since trend trading can help you establish strong entry and exit positions, it is considered a useful forex strategy. So long as you’re aware of the sometimes abrupt nature of trend reversals, you can generate grand profits in your exchanges. However, brace yourself for the fact that trends end. Because, if they do, “the trend will no longer be your friend”, as the classic saying goes.
  6. The most important step in trend trading is identifying a trend that’s worth following. Evaluate its reliability by analyzing its nature, character, advantages, and setbacks. Once it is determined, you can clearly create a strategy that involves the best entry and exit positions.
  7. An effective trend trading approach is to raise stop levels; with the first entry position in mind, the strategy is to increase the entry position thereafter. The idea behind it is to become risk-free in succeeding trades. Particularly, you should generate enough profit from an initial entry position to render less impact from a potential loss on a secondary entry position.