There are many ways to discuss Bitcoin. You can join one of the popular online communities, attend an event, or participate in meetups and conferences.

The Bitcoin (BTC) frenzy in the last few years has caught the attention of many. Along with the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin, the growth of the Bitcoin community also expands. Of all the discussions surrounding this first cryptocurrency, the vast majority took place online through direct interactions between users. In consequence, a large number of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency discussion platforms have emerged to accommodate such needs. While there are many options out there, looking for a good forum that fits your needs can be confusing.

where can i discuss bitcoin

Then, where can you find the right place to discuss with the people who are attracted to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? What's the best community you should follow?



If you're looking for the best spot to discuss Bitcoin, then you've come to the right post. Bitcoin forums can be a great location for people just starting out on their cryptocurrency journey to communicate, find answers to questions, and interact with other people who share similar interests. Here are some popular websites and social platforms to consider:


1. Bitcointalk

Bitcointalk is an internet forum dedicated not only to discussing Bitcoin, but also blockchain technology and other altcoins. Founded by Satoshi Nakamoto on November 22, 2009, Bitcointalk is the oldest active forum today.

The forum became the birthplace of most historic conversations and ideas from the initiators as well as people involved in the development of a blockchain-based decentralized financial system. If you want to look for Initial Coin Offering events to support, this is the right place as they are mostly announced in Bitcointalk forums.

bitcointalk forum

Another interesting fact from Bitcointalk is that the first Bitcoin transaction took place on the forum when software programmer Laszlo Hanyecz offered 10,000 bitcoins to buy a pizza. The term HODL was also first posted on the forum in 2013. Later, HODL became one of the most discussed strategies especially during some of the largest drops in Bitcoin over the last couple of years.


2. Twitter

If you really want to feel the heat of Bitcoin debates, Twitter can be your top choice. Over the past year, the conversation about Bitcoin on Twitter has grown rapidly compared to previous years.

Twitter itself has claimed to be the largest social media platform for Bitcoin fans around the world. This is because Twitter allows the general public to interact directly with influential crypto figures and fintech innovators. So it's no wonder that Twitter becomes a favorite spot for Bitcoin enthusiasts to hang out. In fact, the volume of Bitcoin conversations in the platform has already exceeded the daily volume of FANG (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google) topics.

twitter bitcoin

Twitter has also become the main platform for influential figures to post their perspective on Bitcoin and the crypto industry. Some posts even manage to either push down or boost Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices. Cases in point are Elon Musk's tweets on Dogecoin and Bitcoin payment. There was also Donald Trump's tweet during his presidential term if we look into it further.

In reality, not too long ago, Twitter announced that users will be able to tip their favorite creators using Bitcoin. Bitcoin's integration with Twitter isn't really a surprise, considering that ex-CEO Jack Dorsey is one of the most outspoken promoters of cryptocurrency.


3. Bitcoin Garden Forum

Bitcoin Forum Garden is one of the most active forums consisting of discussions around Bitcoin and other altcoins. The platform provides a number of subsections containing various Bitcoin use cases, from entertainment purposes to blockchain enhancements. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, this forum can be a great place to gather and share ideas.

bitcoin garden forum

Like most other crypto forums, several languages other than English are provided. There are boards and channels to talk about Bitcoin and blockchain technology in general, cryptocurrency airdrops, Bitcoin events and seminars, Bitcoin trading, mining, and much more. The diversity makes Bitcoin Garden Forum one of the most comprehensive forums on the internet.


4. Reddit

As one of the most popular websites in the world, Reddit's popularity is undeniable among the Bitcoin community. With 3.2 million members, the most popular Bitcoin subreddit is r/Bitcoin. You will find talks of every little thing about Bitcoin and see why it remains in trend even after thousands of other coins are created each day.

reddit bitcoin

Similar to Twitter, Reddit's sub-category is usually the source of viral events and the latest crypto-related news. One recent viral action in Reddit involved a member who invited crypto enthusiasts to buy $30 worth of Bitcoin on September 7, 2021, in honor of El Salvador establishing itself as the first country to use cryptocurrencies as legal tender. Assuming more than Reddit's 3 million members purchase $30 Bitcoin each, approximately $99,505,860 would be added to the digital currency.

Some other notable Bitcoin subreddits include r/bitcoin_uncensored, r/BitcoinBeginners, and r/BitcoinMarkets.


5. Telegram

Compared to other messenger apps, Telegram is known for its security and secure cloud. Even with the many uncontrolled crypto scams on Telegram, the Bitcoin community still warmly welcomes this application as one of the main places for their peer-to-peer communication. This has resulted in the emergence of major Telegram groups or channels discussing Bitcoin. While some groups are only accessible by invitation, there is plenty of public groups and channels that let you join the conversation easily.

telegram cryptocurrency


6. Social Trading Platforms

Social trading platforms allow serious investors to collectively weigh risk and reward by offering them access to expert traders' winning tactics. They can view and monitor the strategies of more experienced traders and copy their actions.

Bitcoin investors on social trading networks can also interact with favorite professionals and influencers, ask questions, and learn how they construct their trading strategies. Usually, the trading history and statistics of professional traders that they can copy are posted in the form of rankings, based on various metrics, including win-to-loss ratio, margin allocation, success rate, risk, and so on.


7. Events and Conferences

Although the Bitcoin ecosystem was born and developed in cyberspace, its existence in the real world is essentially important. From annual gatherings, conferences, to parties, the number of offline events dedicated to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has increased dramatically.

The reason is, there is a limit to how much you can learn and dig up information about Bitcoin from the internet. Conferences and events can be a golden opportunity to directly hear the thoughts of some of the most genius crypto figures out there. By taking part in these agendas, you can stay informed about the latest industry happenings as these kinds of gigs are generally attended by well-known Bitcoin influencers who will share their advice, experience, knowledge, and plan.

Most major crypto conferences also host side events or parties, which provide the perfect opportunity to make connections in the industry. It doesn't matter if you are an investor, a big Bitcoin fan, or just interested in learning more about this digital coin, these events will warmly welcome you.

bitcoin conference



Most Bitcoin enthusiasts often face a problem in which they have a hard time finding a place to talk about their passion, seeing that most real-life friends and family are not well-informed with in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Fortunately, the evolution of social networks has finally made it simpler for fans to meet on the internet through online communities. However, finding the best Bitcoin websites can be confusing, so hopefully, the 7 sites above will make your choice easier.

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As a caution, a lot of scammers who want to rob your assets are always lurking everywhere, even in the popular platforms previously mentioned. Be attentive on sharing personal information with people you meet there. Arm yourself with up-to-date research so you can be on guard with suspicious users trying to lure newbies into their scams.