Nowadays, crypto influencers no longer just serve as a reference for the latest trends, they have also become powerhouses with a huge influence on the crypto market. Below are the top 6 crypto influencers to follow in 2022.

Are you a newbie looking to start investing in crypto? Before plunging into the real market, one of the best things to do is to arm yourself with the latest knowledge of crypto and blockchain technology to stay refreshed in the game. As we know, all types of investments can make you lose money if not done properly, especially in cryptocurrencies that have very high risks. If you are looking to develop your knowledge and insight on crypto, you may want to consider following a crypto influencer.


Top Crypto Influencers in 2022

On the condition that you want to survive in the crypto space, you inevitably need to always be updated with the latest issues. The easiest way to stay involved in the community is to follow crypto influencers on social media. These creators always produce interesting content to entertain their followers. Assuming that you have previously followed popular traders, now is the time to add commendable crypto influencers to your following list. Here are the top 6 crypto influencers to follow in 2022:


1. Vitalik Buterin

The list of cryptocurrency influencers would not be complete without mentioning Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum. As one of the youngest billionaires, he has 3.9 million Twitter followers. Through his tweets, he shares reviews, articles, and other valuable resources about crypto that are very helpful for anyone interested in crypto and blockchain.

vitalik buterin


2. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a Greek-British tech entrepreneur who is known to be a Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiast. He has also written books on the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the blockchain industry, such as Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Currencies, Mastering Ethereum, and The Internet of Money. He is active on social media too with more than 700,000 Twitter followers and 317,000 Youtube subscribers.

On Youtube, Andreas is better known as "aantonop" where he posts videos explaining how Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies work. Andreas often conducts live broadcasts to answer viewers' questions as well. The videos on Andreas' Youtube channel provide an in-depth look at the industry, making it a great guide for beginners looking to learn about blockchain and crypto.

andreas antonopoulos

On his website, he offers workshops and other resources that can help improve your crypto knowledge, such as his notable podcasts: Unencrypted Podcasts and Podcasts Talking about Bitcoin.


3. Ben Armstrong

Through his BitBoy Crypto channel, Ben Armstrong is the biggest crypto influencer on Youtube with 1.45 million subscribers. BitBoy Crypto hosts live streams discussing the latest issues in the crypto space to viewers. Since 2012, he has been diligently posting the latest news and views on the crypto market as well as trading tricks that you can easily copy.

ben armstrong


4. Layah Heilpern

Layah Heilpern is a British crypto influencer who enjoys talking about crypto issues and recent information. To her 266,000 Twitter followers, she frequently shares how she profits from investing in crypto, by performing the opposite of what other people are doing. Additionally, Heilpern writes books on Bitcoin and has a YouTube channel with 31,000 subscribers.

layah heilpern


5. Anthony Pompliano

Also called one of the Bitcoin pioneers and the founder of a hedge fund company that specializes in blockchain technology and digital assets, Anthony Pompliano is a crypto influencer who is active on almost all social media. He has 1.6 million followers on Twitter and 360,000 Youtube subscribers

anthony pompliano

On his YouTube channel, Pompliano posts videos on Bitcoin, crypto discussions, podcasts, interviews, business, technology, and finance explanations. On top of that, Pompliano owns a Substack newsletter called The Pomp Letter, a daily newsletter containing his analysis of various industries including cryptocurrency, finance, and technology to keep his audience informed.


6. Ivan on Tech

Ivan Liljeqvis aka Ivan on Tech is the most talked-about Sweden-based cryptocurrency influencer today, gathering 494,000 subscribers on YouTube and 382,900 Twitter followers. Ivan publishes crypto analysis and tutorials, interviews, debates, live talks, as well as videos on how you can create your own form of cryptocurrency in 15 minutes on his channel. Ivan has been in the crypto community for almost a decade and is recognized as a leader in cryptocurrency trading and development thanks to his views and unique trading style.

ivan on tech



Apart from upper-rank cryptocurrencies, there are other thousands of crypto coins with an estimated total value of up to $1.7 trillion. So it's not surprising that cryptocurrencies are the hottest topic discussed by investors today. Fortunately, there are crypto experts who comfortably share crypto-related trends, insights, and market perspectives with global audience. It's quite effective in helping us become well-informed.

Following cryptocurrency influencers allow you to learn more about complex and fast-changing finance topics. Plus, it can be a fascinating resource for beginners who may not understand the complicated concepts of crypto.


Besides those mentioned above, there are many other influencers you can follow. Some of them are famous for their powerful quotes that describe the crypto space more clearly. You can read more about it in the Top 15 Most Powerful Quotes on Cryptocurrency.