Tickmill offers one of the most comprehensive list of trading tools for beginners and advanced traders. Learn about all of them in this article.

Tickmill is one of the most trusted brokers in the world known for offering a bunch of trading services suitable for both novice traders and experts. The broker currently serves clients worldwide and continues to offer innovative products with the latest technology. Aside from currency pairs, Tickmill also offers a number of other instruments, such as commodities, indices, and bonds. On top of it, there are loads of unique trading tools that are aimed to help traders make better trading decisions.

Tickmill Tools for Advanced Trading

One feature that you can look forward to when trading with Tickmill is the advanced trading toolkit, which consists of 13 individual applications and 15 indicators in total. You can simply add them to your MT4 or MT5 trading platform and boost your performance to the next level. With such an extensive range of trading tools, you will undoubtedly gain so much insight into the markets while at the same time, interacting with a vast community of online traders.

In this article, we're going to explore all the tools by dividing them into 5 broad categories based on their functionalities. You can refer to this guide to get a deeper understanding of each option and find out which ones might be a great addition to your trading routine.


1. Tools to Manage Your Trades

This tools category largely deals with how you manage your trading positions and ease of order modifications in case such a need arises:


Trade Terminal

Tickmill's Trade Terminal consists of multiple advanced trade execution and analysis tools that you can easily add to your MT4/MT5 trading platform. This tool basically has 5 parts, namely the account summary, a list of open trades/orders, a list of market categories, and two lists of individual markets. Each of them can be expanded or contracted depending on your needs, and the software will remember your settings the next time you run it again.

In the middle part, there is the central trading panel, which displays information about each market either in the form of grid or deal tickets. Click on the market to see all the details or manage your trades. You can open trades, close trades, reverse, or hedge a position straight from the grid. In addition, the central panel shows other information like the day's highs and lows, current prices, and your active positions.

trade terminal

On the top, you can see your account summary. It contains all information about your account, including your current balance, free margin, and so on. You can also set an alarm for various risk management purposes. On the right side, you'll see the quick access panel, which shows the markets that you trade frequently. Meanwhile, on the left, there is the market categories section where you can track markets of your choosing and see your watchlists.


Mini Terminal

Mini Terminal is a multi-purpose application designed to improve your trading efficiency. It is basically similar to Trade Terminal, but it's simpler and more practical as it only focuses on a specific trading chart. You can open as many mini terminals as you want. What you do on one chart won't affect your other trades, so you can easily manage multiple trades at the same time.

Moreover, this tool offers a one-click market order feature that allows you to open trades, modify, and close trades very easily. You can also open pending orders straight from the chart and use templates in just a few steps. If you need help, you can use the trading calculator. It enables you to calculate the appropriate lot size for the trade simply by entering the number of pips and the amount of risk that you're willing to take.

Another feature is the order ladders, which are displayed on the right side of the screen. This allows you to open market or pending orders in several steps. Click once to determine your entry point, then click again to set your stop loss, and click again to set your take profit.


2. Tools to Stay Alert of Market Updates

Keeping up with market updates is crucial as the forex market is always moving. Tickmill understood the assignment s they provide these tools to take you to the next level of staying alert with the market updates:


Alarm Manager

As the name suggests, Alarm Manager is like a trading assistant that would notify you of important events or market movements. It can automatically send you alerts either via email, Twitter, or SMS. You can set up multiple alarms for different purposes. To help you organize, you can put the alarms into groups and attach an action to the alarm. Each alarm can carry out multiple actions at the same time, such as open trades, display a pop-up message, and send a notification email.

alarm manager



This tool allows you to extract market data from your MT4 to Excel with simple formulas. The data on Excel will be synced with the trading platform, so the numbers on the chart will change in real time. To use this tool, simply open the software and enter your account number to connect the Excel to the MT4. In addition, this tool also allows you to place orders straight from Excel to save time.


3. Tools to Get the Market Data

These tools allow you to arrange your own news feed and economic calendar while at the same time accessing a bunch of educational materials to improve your trade in Ticmill.


Sentiment Trader

Sentiment Trader provides real-time long and short positioning sentiments of the market based on real trades as well as historic sentiments for various instruments in the market. It'll give you an insightful overview of what has happened and what real money traders are doing at any given time.

The data basically shows the percentage of traders that currently have buy/sell positions in the market. You can customize the data visual and change the time frame for the historic data. You can also choose to display the data either in the form of price candles, line charts, and sentiments. Last but not least, you can open and close orders without having to leave the app.


Session Map

Session Map shows a convenient overview of the world's key markets, price movements for each session, the status of your account, and future announcements that might affect your trading. At default, it shows the current local time in relation to various market sessions during the trading day. You can hover your cursor over each session to see information like how long until the session opens or closes. Aside from that, it is also worth mentioning that the data is color-coded based on the profits or losses.


4. Tools to Improve Your Trading Performance

This category is particularly presented by Tickmill to traders who are experienced but in need of helpful features to support their strategies and increase their profitability even further.


Market Manager

Market Manager is a tool that displays symbol watchlists and all of your account's order activities in a separate window. It enables you to manage your trading account, take immediate trading actions, and get further information about individual markets. You can position the window anywhere on your desktop and adjust the size. It's a great tool to keep track of several markets in one place.


Correlation Matrix

Correlation Matrix is displayed in the form of grids where each cell contains a mathematical value indicating the correlation between two different markets. Tickmill provides this tool to help traders identify markets with strong or weak correlations so that they can assess the risk of trading one market or another. The correlation value can be both positive and negative. A positive value indicates that the two markets are more likely to move in the same direction, whereas a negative value indicates that the two markets tend to move in the opposite direction.

Correlation matrix

All of the grids are color-coded to help you find the best combination of markets to trade. Red and orange indicate a strong correlation, while blue and green indicate a weak correlation. Typically, traders would avoid trading markets with strong correlations because it's less profitable. So, instead of trading one large trade, it's preferable to trade two smaller trades and unrelated.


Correlation Trader

This tool allows you to compare two symbols and identify the correlation, whether it's strong or weak. It helps you understand the relationship between two sets of prices and use that information to make a better decision. You can easily change the time frame and the markets that you'd like to observe. You can also open and close trades straight from the app.


5. Tools for Advanced Trading

Want to experience an even better feature? Try this set of tools that are specifically reserved for pro traders.


Tick Trader

Tick Trader displays various forms of tick data to facilitate quick order entry in just one simple click. You can immediately open trades and close orders from any Tickmill's platforms in real time without having to open a separate app. In addition to that, you can also pause the chart and download the entire tick data of your symbol as a .CSV file to your computer.

tick trader


Stealth Orders

This tool allows you to hide your pending orders from other market participants and open the order when the price hits a certain predetermined level. You can also set stealth stop loss and take profit along with it. Basically, the tool will wait for the price to hit a certain value before placing an order. You can set up the stealth exit once a trade has been opened. If you want, you can also close all trades per market symbol and take all the profit at once.

However, keep in mind that this tool may come with several notable risks. First, it may trigger more slippages, which can either be positive or negative for your trade. Secondly, please note that unlike pending orders that will be processed even when you're away, stealth orders will only be triggered if the platform is running. To avoid getting losses, it's recommended to set a real stop loss for double protection.


Indicator Pack

This tool allows you to apply various indicators to the chart, such as pivot points, renko bars, chart-grouping, highs and lows, order history, candle countdown, and freehand drawing on the chart. You are free to use one or more indicators according to your needs.



Tickmill offers one of the most comprehensive sets of trading tools in the forex industry. With such an extensive range of tools, you will be able to improve your trading and step up to the next level. The key is to understand each tool's functionality well and only use tools that you really need for your trading. Also, don't forget to consider the risks before taking any crucial action.


Tickmill is the brand name of Tickmill Ltd. which offers trading services with premium products and innovative technology. Superior trading conditions, ultra-fast execution, safety of client funds, and dedicated support are at the forefront of their offering.