Nowadays there are many ways to earn money just by playing games. If we're talking about games on BNB Chain, what are the most promising ones to play?

Binance Chain (BNB) is a crypto asset created by Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. In the Binance ecosystem, BNB is used as a utility token to receive discounts when paying transaction fees on the Binance platform. However, in its development, BNB has become widely owned as an investment asset, in line with Binance's rapid growth as a crypto asset trading platform.

Developers in the metaverse and crypto are no strangers to BNB Chain. Interestingly, various blockchain games are widely available at BNB Chain and can be played both for free and with initial capital. However, from the many options provided in the chain, surely you want to play the best BNB Chain game that is the most interesting, right?

Top games in BNB Chain

From metaverse-style trading card games (TCGs) like Era7 to farming NFT games like the Elfin Kingdom, BNB Chain is certainly never short of games to entertain its users. More importantly, there's always a mechanism to earn rewards and money through these games.


Era7 - TCG Style Metaverse

Era7: Game of Truth offers an NFT trading card game inspired by Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. It's currently occupying the highest position as the most played game on BNB Chain with more than 87,000 users engaged over the last 30 days.

There are various kinds of cards in Era7 that are divided into battle cards and master cards for summoning. These cards represent different races in the game to form a strong team for players to fight in battles. It is this massive card system that will provide fantastic game variety and there will always be new levels for players to reach, so it is unlikely that players will run out of steam.

In the game, users can obtain Master Cards by opening Mystery Boxes, which are classified into four types: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. With these cards, players can summon their cards into battle.

Of course, in addition to the exciting game, each player's card has its value. Players can earn high-value cards by collecting, fighting, trading, summoning, or synthesizing certain cards. This is also one of the biggest draws of GameFi when compared to traditional games.

The art of the game has been adapted to players from every country around the world. Era7 brings an immersive gaming experience and a complete closed-loop economy within its metaverse. That is because players can trade Era for USDT or local fiat on decentralized and centralized exchanges. Era7's play-to-earn mechanism provides players with opportunities to earn Era ecosystem tokens through battles, engagement in community incentives, and liquidity mining.

All in all, Era7 delivers an immersive gaming experience with a complete closed-loop economic ecosystem where players can earn real money and cash whenever they want.


Chain of Legends - NFT Mining Game

Chain of Legends is a game that features free play, token mining, and real-time strategy. It is the fastest growing game on BNB Chain with a 689950% increase in users over the last 30 days.

Chain of Legends starts with buying a plot of land, building a mine, and then starting to get game tokens. It should be noted that users can get free mines and land to start the game immediately but at a much lower mining speed and capacity.

To increase their game progress with the tokens earned, players can directly sell tokens on the exchange or use them. For example, players can build barracks, train troops to explore the world, find dungeons, kill monsters, and collect loot. Players can also use tokens to expand their empire by creating stone mines and iron mines to produce valuable resources.


Tiny World - a Game World that Combines NFT and DeFi

Tiny World is an NFT game aka blockchain-based game that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform. It recorded more than 10,000 players, generated 135,000 transactions, and experienced a 51% increase in users in 30 days. The team behind Tiny World strives to create a unique experience by combining NFT, DeFi, and gaming.

The gameplay is that players collect more than 100 NFT Little Heroes then send them on an epic journey and fight in battles. It should be noted that the higher the level, the more powerful the enemies are.

As mentioned above, Tiny world combines NFT and DeFi games. In addition, It offers various ways to earn money with the following mechanism:

  • Players can sell farm produce and raise cute animals.
  • Sell assets such as Heroes, Equipment, Materials, and Runes in the marketplace.
  • Small NFT yield farms.
  • Staking tokens to earn profits through playing and voting.
  • Play Tiny games to win leaderboard rewards.
  • Trade items to earn in-game Tiny profits.

Tiny World can be a play-to-earn game with great potential to be played as an investment. In addition to its interesting features, this game has been officially released and has a mature ecosystem.


BinaryX - GameFi Platform

Gaming platform BinaryX has recorded a spike in the number of 8,000 users in just 30 days, recording a growth of more than 160%. As a crypto gaming platform on the BNB Chain, BinaryX is now building a metaverse game called CyberDragon, which is a classic MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) with DeFi elements.

The system used here allows players to recruit and upgrade their heroes, challenge dungeons, and loot rare items. If they manage to defeat the game's big boss, Cyber Dragon, they win the grand prize. The first step in playing CyberDragon is to have a Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet like MetaMask, and earn enough BNB to pay for gas fees.

Don't worry if you are a crypto newbie and unfamiliar with these terms. According to the team at BinaryX, the platform uses a simple vocabulary that allows you game to understand the terms easily.


The Elfin Kingdom - a Mix of Produce Farming, NFT, and e-Sports

The game Elfin Kingdom is currently trending on BNB Chain, posting 180% user growth in a month. Elfin Kingdom is a metaverse game inspired by the MMORPG Pokémon where anyone can earn tokens through games and farming. The gameplay features a 2D metaverse similar to the old Pokémon Gameboy.

In this game, players can choose a role and start an adventure with their cute NFT Elfin. Besides being cute and gentle, this little Elfin is an important asset for players to master the game.

An NFT game that lets you collect, battle, and farm to earn tons of crypto, Elfin Kingdom allows you to play a certain role with a precise strategy to gain money. We can see a variety of exciting gameplay here.

Amazingly, Elfin Kingdom offers a dynamic play-to-ear ecosystem and enables players to earn money by collecting, fighting, and farming. The following are some examples of how to play and win:

  • Compete in PVP battles.
  • Complete daily missions such as sharing games on social media channels, capture Elfins, and complete challenges in the Elfin jungle.
  • Summon high-level Elfins and sell them in the market.
  • Sell Harvest and sell Land.
  • ELFIN Token Bet.
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BNB Chain has established a solid position in the gaming industry. But most importantly, it also proves that the market demand for blockchain games is very tight while users crave high-quality products. BNB Chain users can take advantage of the recommendation above to gain insight into which game to play according to their preferred style. It is also worth noting that BNB Chain has impressively maintained its player base amidst the crypto bear market.