Pepperstone trading resources can be a good way to help traders make decisions in the market. They come in the form of analysis, education, and platform tools.

Having good resources is important to ensure success in trading. Traders can elevate their analysis and get better results by having good resources. These resources can come in various forms, from good market information to elaborate trading tools. It's important to get resources from a trusted party. Otherwise, the information might not be accurate.

There are a lot of places to get good, trusted trading resources, but the easiest way to get them is from a reliable broker. Several brokers provided good trading resources for their traders, and Pepperstone is one of them. So, what are Pepperstone trading resources that traders can take advantage of?

pepperstone trading resource


1. Pepperstone Analysis

Trading analysis is critical in guiding traders to make decisions based on market conditions. However, conducting a thorough analysis requires significant market information, which can be challenging. To address this need, Pepperstone offers these resources to support traders:


Navigating Markets

The Navigating Markets in Pepperstone consists of articles regarding the markets themselves. In general, this feature talks deeper about what happened in each instrument. Traders can get basic information about forex, metals, and even tips about trading itself. Finding good suggestions on what steps to take during current market conditions is a good measure.


The Daily Fix

The Daily Fix features in Pepperstone are similar to the Navigating Markets. Both consist of articles and news regarding the market itself. The difference is that the articles in this feature are updated almost daily. The general idea is to help traders get a good idea of the market conditions today. This Pepperstone trading resource can be a good source of information for day traders. Furthermore, The Daily Fix covers all kinds of instruments, ranging from forex, metal, shares, and many more.


Trading Guides

This feature is slightly different compared to the other two. In this feature, traders can find articles that give them more insight into trading. For example, they can find which instrument to trade during recessions, all they need to know about DAX, and many more. Through this feature, traders can broaden their knowledge about the trading world, improve their game, and hopefully get better trading results.


2. Pepperstone Platforms

The trading platform is important for traders, affecting their comfort during trades. It's not odd that brokers provide multiple trading platforms to accommodate traders with different needs. Pepeprstone offers MT4, MT5, cTrader, and TradingView. For better trading resources, Pepperstone equipped these platforms with different kinds of useful tools.

One of the trading tools offered by Pepperstone is, an innovative automated trading platform with a unique approach. This tool allows traders to test and analyze backtested and simulated trading strategies, making it easier to improve strategy performance. also includes a strategy library with live examples to inspire new trading ideas. Additionally, it monitors real-time market data, technical indicators, and market information around the clock so traders would never miss an opportunity.


Smart Trader

Another tool that is available in Pepperstone platforms is Smart Trader. Both MT4 and MT5 users can make use of this. Smart Trader is a suite of expert advisor tools to help improve trading execution and management. It helps traders optimize their trading strategy and manage their risk while enhancing their experience. It has abundant features such as an alarm manager, connect features, correlation matrix, market manager, etc.


cTrader Automate

Just like the name suggests, this Pepperstone trading resource is a tool that is available on cTrader only. It helps traders to backtest and optimize their trading strategies. With this, traders can have a better understanding of whether their strategy works or not. It is specifically designed for margin trading. On the other hand, it also includes abundant features to elevate traders' experiences. These include market data, trading history, various order types, position modification settings, etc.



Another trading resource that traders can get while trading with Pepperstone is the Autochartist tool. It is a program that helps traders identify various chart patterns. In addition, Autochartist has the ability to remove market noise and highlight important signals that signify key market events. This tool is equipped with market scanners, probability filters, and risk management tools. All are designed to help traders get the best resources to support their analysis.


API Trading

Another tool to use in Pepperstone is API trading or Application Programming Interface. Technically, it is most helpful for automated trading that is available in Pepperstone. But in reality, API is also great for helping traders develop their custom-built systems. This tool allows them to increase their ability to see the Depth of Market.


3. Pepperstone Education

Education plays a crucial role in trading, as it helps traders make better decisions based on market analysis and objective deductions rather than relying on luck or emotions. Through education, traders can learn about different trading strategies and tools that can be used to achieve their trading goals. Education can also provide trading resources to stay updated with the latest market trends and news. Here are what Pepperstone offers to support trading education:

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Free education
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Pepperstone was founded in 2010 by a team of experienced traders with a shared commitment to improve the world of online trading. Based in Melbourne, Australia, they grew to become one of the largest forex brokers in the world. If traders want to find a broker that provides low spreads, fast execution, and award-winning support, then the answer is Pepperstone.

Pepperstone has a strong legality guarantee because it has been licensed by the Australian regulator ASIC and FCA. Traders' funds can be deposited in segregated accounts at top Australian banks, one of which is the National Australia Bank (NAB). Therefore, the safety of funds is not a concern if a trader chooses to open an account in Pepperstone.

They succeeded in collaborating with 23 top banks to bring Bid to investors instantly via optical fiber. This allows all orders to be executed 100 percent automatically with low latency up to 0.05 milliseconds, without dealing desk intervention and requotes, as well as with super low trading costs.

Trusted by over 73,000 traders around the world, Pepperstone processes an average of USD12.55 billion of trading volumes every day. Because of that, they have many awards such as:

  • The Best Global Forex ECN Broker 2019 and Best Forex Trading Support-Europe
  • Best Australian Broker and Best Trading Platform 2018 by
  • Best Forex ECN Broker, Best Forex Trading Support, and Best Forex Trading Conditions by UK Forex Awards 2018

With the many rewards gained, Pepperstone hopes to attract more and more traders from all over the world. The rising performance of Pepperstone is not only due to the super-tight spreads and fast execution that it provides, but also because many traders are interested in trading with deposits in currencies other than US Dollars.

For this reason, Pepperstone is one of the most market-responsive brokers because it is willing to accept deposits in 10 currencies, which include AUD, USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, CHF, JPY, NZD, SGD, and HKD.

Trading in Pepperstone would allow traders to choose between 11 trading platforms: MT4 for desktop, MT4 Mac, MT4 iPhone, MT4 Android, MT4 iPad/Tablet, MT5, WebTrader, cTrader WebTrader, cTrader cAlgo, and cTrader Mobile. The choice of trading platforms may seem confusing to novice traders, but actually, it is very useful because it has fast execution.

When trading forex, traders can enjoy raw spreads from 0.0 pips on Razor accounts, over 61 currency pairs, and commission-free account funding on a wide range of deposit options. In addition to currency pairs, Pepperstone provides many types of trading instruments, including CFDs for indices and shares, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Instruments in commodity trading are pretty much diversified. Not only metal, gold, and silver, but traders can also trade with soft commodities such as cotton, sugar, coffee, cocoa, and orange juice. Pepperstone also provides trading on energy (oil and gas).

There are two types of accounts provided by Pepperstone, namely Razor accounts, and Standard accounts. If you area beginner, it is recommended to choose a Standard account with an average EUR/USD spread of 1.0-1.3 pips and free commission.

Those with particular trading styles such as scalpers and algorithmic traders may enjoy the lower cost setup traditionally seen in a Razor account, with a commission from AUD7 round turn of 100k traded. You can start trading with a minimum lot of 0.01 (micro) and 1:400 leverage.

As a Pepperstone client, a trader can fund and withdraw with alternative methods including Visa, Mastercard, POLi internet banking, bank transfer, BPay, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and Union Pay.

If you are new to trading or looking to practice your trading strategies in a risk-free environment, you can create Demo Account in Pepperstone. But if you are an experienced trader or prefer to learn by doing, Pepperstone provides a Live Account that allows you to trade with live executions and pricing.

Traders can also follow and copy strategies from popular traders using third-party services while learning how to improve their trading abilities. Pepperstone has partnered with a range of social trading platforms that traders can choose from, such as Myfxbook, ZuluTrade, Mirror Trader, MetaTrader signals, and Duplitrade.


Learn to Trade Articles

Articles are a valuable source of information for those seeking to learn new things or improve their knowledge on a particular subject. Reading articles is a good way to learn about all the trading basics as they can be accessed anytime and anywhere. That means traders can come back anytime to read about a particular topic they want.

The Learn to Trade feature in Pepperstone covers a broad topic of trading insights. Traders can learn from the basics of trading to more advanced topics. This makes this feature a good Pepperstone trading resource for all kinds of traders.



Besides articles, Pepperstone also offers webinars for their traders. Many would argue that webinar is a powerful tool for learning. The program allows individuals to participate in interactive sessions led by experts from the comfort of their own homes. It provides a real-time learning experience, allowing participants to ask questions, engage in discussions, and receive immediate feedback from the instructor. Additionally, broker webinars are often held as live trading sessions where traders can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices to anticipate the current market condition.


Bottom Line

Resources are essential in trading as they provide traders with the necessary information and tools to make better decisions in the market. Trading resources can come in many forms, including analysis, trading platforms, and educational materials. With a good resource, traders can analyze market trends, identify potential opportunities and risks, and develop trading strategies. Ultimately, a trader's success often depends on their ability to use the available resources effectively. In this case, Pepperstone is a good example as they provide various resources that traders can access on the official website.


Pepperstone is an award-winning broker offering various trading instruments, including forex, CFD, and crypto. This Australian broker is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).