EUR/AUD Stays Bullish inside the Supply Zone Apr 12 2023    
As EUR/AUD is still in a solid bullish sentiment track, wait for an opportunity to enter a long position at 1.6465.
Euro Remains Bullish Despite Correction to Demand Zone Apr 3 2023    
EUR/AUD is currently seen undergoing a correction. However, this correction has not been able to diminish the solid bullish sentiment.
USD/CAD Remains Bearish Around 1.3575 Mar 29 2023    
USD/CAD is still moving within a bearish trend. Therefore, remain focused on waiting for opportunities for a short signal.
GBP/JPY Rallies, Closer to 161.48 Supply Zone Mar 27 2023    
GBP/JPY is seen rising and testing the supply zone. Wait for sell opportunity as the price moves around that zone.
EUR/NZD Remains Bullish amid Corrective Downside Mar 13 2023    
EUR/NZD is currently observed to be undergoing a corrective bearish move, testing the demand zone. Therefore, look for buying opportunities that exist within the demand zone.
USD/CAD on Strong Rally ahead of Powell's Testimony Mar 8 2023    
With the hawkish tone of Powell's testimony yesterday, USD/CAD has the potential to resume its rally around the 1.3730 - 1.3700 area.
BoE Remains Dovish, GBP/NZD Sustains Short Term Dip Mar 2 2023    
GBP/NZD is currently seen to be rising. Therefore, wait for short-term sell opportunities when the price tests the supply zone.
USD/CAD Stays Optimistic Despite Downward Correction Feb 28 2023    
Currently, USD/CAD is seen correcting. However, the daily trend of USD/CAD is still on a bullish track.
EUR/NZD Stays in Bullish Track Despite Recent Correction Feb 23 2023    
Even though EUR/NZD is currently in a corrective mode after the announcement of the rate hike increase by the RBNZ, the daily bias is still bullish.
USD/CAD Reclaims Demand Zone on Fed Rate Hike Hopes Feb 22 2023    
USD/CAD continues to rise and rally because it is still supported by the prospect of the Fed's interest rate hike.