US Stocks' Rebound Pierces EMA 200

May 26 2022   3    

US indices continue their rally today. If this bullish session continues, all three major stocks might advance to R1 today.

Stocks Mixed as FOMC Minutes Drawing Near

May 25 2022   4    

After a bearish session yesterday, US Stocks are showing mixed sentiments. However, they can go up once again if the buyers take control of the market.

Indices Slump, NASDAQ and SPX Might Reach S2

May 24 2022   4    

All three major US indices are on bearish tracks today. If this continues, SPX and NASDAQ might continue their bearish tracks towards S2.

Stock Climb Slowly While Recession Sparks Anxiety

May 23 2022   2    

The US stocks open this week by rising at a slower pace. If the buyers continue to generate support, the prices might reach today's R1.

Indices Rebound, SPX and Dow Approaching R1

May 20 2022   3    

US Stocks start to gather some strength today. If the prices continue to rise, SPX and Dow Jones might even penetrate the EMA 200.

Stocks Plummet, Dow Lowest Since 2020

May 19 2022   2    

After a shocking session yesterday, all three American indices continue to fall even further. If there is no significant support, the prices might continue their bearish tracks today.

Stocks Start to Dwindle, Eyes on S1

May 18 2022   3    

After a great bullish session yesterday, US stocks take a nosedive today. If buyers don't show support soon, the prices might fall even further at the end of the day.

US Indices Soar above Pivot ahead of Powell's Speech

May 17 2022   4    

US stocks are on a bullish track as markets await Jerome Powell's speech. SPX is already above R1, while Nasdaq and DJIA are still climbing up.

US Stocks Bounce Back, R2 in Sight

May 13 2022   8    

After a bearish session yesterday, US stocks regain their power back. If there are no obstacles, the prices might even reach today's R2.

Stocks Depreciate after US Inflation Reports

May 12 2022   15    

SPX, NASDAQ, and Dow Jones plummet following the US inflation rate's amazing growth. If this continues, the US stocks might continue their bearish tracks.